The 6 Crucial Components of Cleansing

When comparing other cleansing programs, you see, there really is no comparison. Before you decide to do The HealthForce Program, you will find 5 main characteristics that sets this program apart as the best possible choice:

1)     Effectiveness - The power of the HealthForce Nutritional's whole food and herbal combinations are simply unequaled in terms of their ability to eliminate toxins & intestinal plaque from the body in large quantities.

Nothing else even comes close. This program also cleanses not just your colon, but also your entire digestive tract. You will also find many old, negative feelings & patterns surfacing & being released as this is an emotional cleanse as well as a physical one. Remember the mind/body connection. The program is so in-depth, it helps you on both levels.

In ten years of recommending this type of program, I have never had anyone tell me they have done a better cleanse. Often times I speak with clients who have done other cleanses. Invariably, after doing this one, they are amazed & thankful and tell me they feel like they have just done their first real cleanse. See Success Stories.

2)      Safety/Alkalinity - This cleanse focuses on getting the body alkaline. This again, is one of the secrets of health and this program addresses it directly. Most people today, including most vegetarians but especially those with a standard American diet or whose health is challenged, are over acid.

It is so crucial before doing any heavy cleansing or fasting that you build up your electrolyte reserve and get the body alkaline. The electrolyte minerals perform extensive tasks in the body, including buffering the acidity from acid forming foods, toxins & stress.
When the electrolyte reserve is depleted, the body will steal electrolytes, like calcium, sodium and potassium, from whatever organ or part of the body they can be found & will weaken those systems or areas. Even a few hours of stress can use up electrolytes. Cleansing & fasting release toxins & can be stressful. That's why people often feel wiped out at the end of a fast. Even if they feel good, if they're acidic, they could be weakening themselves.

Our program uses both concentrated whole food supplements and changes in diet to help you become alkaline and build up the necessary reserve of electrolytes for safe, easy cleansing and daily optimal health. You also receive a ph test to monitor your alkalinity before progressing to deeper cleansing.[Top]

3)      Safety/Speed - Many programs have you cleansing too fast. This can cause extreme discomfort & cleansing reactions, which put too much stress on the liver & kidneys, which process the toxins. (This also can happen when you jump right into a fast without cleansing first). The HealthForce Program first has you cleanse gradually with its Relaxed Phase, while alkalizing your body. This way you release many toxins & plaque in advance of the deeper cleanse phases while strengthening your body & intestinal system at the same time. The program is designed to avoid cleanse reactions by providing superior herbs and superfoods to support the liver and all body systems.

This program is also very adjustable & flexible. If you are experiencing cleansing reactions (which are unlikely on the HealthForce program) such as tiredness, headache, or upset stomach, you can slow it down with a few adjustments while continuing the progress of the cleanse. If you are feeling good & strong, you can increase the tempo of detoxification and cleanse more aggressively.[Top]

4)      Proper Design - Many programs I've seen combine herbs, bacteria, psyllium & bentonite into one product that they sell cheaply. The problem is they are mis-designed. Bentonite shakes should be done at separate times of the day than herbs or they will counteract the effectiveness of the herbs. Our program is carefully designed for maximum ease, safety, effectiveness by separating the items for use at different times of day and avoiding psyllium which can be irritating.

5)      Comprehensive - Dr. Jameth Sheridan is a naturopathic doctor, scientistist, health researcher, and vegan whole food nutritionist. He spent decades researching health & cleansing to develop the most comprehensive, balanced, effective program possible. His herbal /wholefood formulas both cleanse & help to rebuild your entire alimentary canal. He has also included superior nutrient rich superfoods and herbs in the program to alkalize your body, replenish the organic minerals and intestinal flora, provide a broad range of whole food nutrients (more easily assimilated) & amino acids, and help support & strengthen your immune system.

Before taking nutritional supplements it’s crucial to select ones with high quality ingredients. Most supplements today are made with very low-grade ingredients, often in a laboratory and are essentially pharmaceutical products devoid of life energy. Even those with whole food ingredients are often not organic, chemical free or high potency or quality.

HealthForce uses absolutely the purest and highest quality ingredients and herbs available, organic or wildcrafted whenever possible and free from damaging chemical additives or artificial ingredients. They go to great lengths to insure each herb/ingredient in your program is top quality.[Top]

6)      Support - You Get Me!(I know this is a pretty special bonus - isn't it?) - You get the benefit of my extensive research and experience with nutrition, cleansing and this cleanse in particular. Remember - only take advice from those getting the results you seek. I've been getting those results for myself and over 15,000 clients like you. I've done 30 cleanse programs (including colon, parasite, candida, liver, kidney and heavy metal) and have taken our recommended products every day for 15 years. I have not been sick for even one day in those 15 years and am healthier than anyone I know.

My assistants all do the Cleanse, are well versed in nutrition and able to support you. We walk our talk. With us you get living examples of the benefits of this program. You get total, constant support from much as you need...and all for Free.

I found The HealthForce Program was the best choice for me and it's probably the best for you too and here's why:

  • Most effective digestive cleansing program on the market - you won't have to waste your valuable time and money on "cheap" programs that don't really work or make you feel much better...we've done the research for you and found something that will make a radical difference in your health and in your life.

  • Cleanses your entire digestive system, not just your colon - this will help you improve not only your elimination of wastes, but also your digestion and assimilation of food. With better assimilation you will have more energy and your body won't be as hungry.

  • Safest - focus on alkalinity and proper preparation - you can feel secure that this program is not only safe but probably healthier than what you’re already doing!

  • Gentle to the body - it's not painful...most likely you'll be on a natural high.

  • Made only from highest quality herbs available - you'll know you're getting the best...the purest plant based ingredients and system to help restore your body to it's natural state of health.

  • Adjustable program for your individual needs - no matter what you experience, the program can be altered to accommodate you. You can go at it very gently and gradually or more aggressively. We help you all the way through and even after. It's designed for you to succeed.

There are of course other alternatives. There are hundreds of cleansing programs out there, most poorly designed, ineffective and mainly laxatives that make you think something is happening. Programs range from $50 for a very simple one, which to be honest doesn't do a lot (and be careful - these can actually weaken you) up to $200 - $400 for very sophisticated programs, which are extremely carefully designed to make the program worthwhile.

My recommendation to you is to go after the higher end program because when it comes to your health, what's a few hundred dollars in the long run - compared to buying a $50 program that has no impact (or weakens you) versus buying a more complete program for a few hundred that completely changes your life.

Now you know what to's time to do what you know! Let's take the road less traveled together...down the path toward Total Health. You have some of the secrets...there are many more...Discover now how specifically to do this Cleanse Program and what you need...Click here and explore the Cleanse Summary.

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