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Health Force Cleanse Program Summary

Welcome To The World's Most Effective Internal Cleansing Program!

Health force LogoPlease read Steps 1, 2 and 3 of Steps to Health (see below) first, then this summary. The HealthForce Cleanse is the most effective way of removing unwanted waste and toxic materials from the body. It is a natural system for detoxifying, nourishing and strengthening the body. Not only is it highly effective in cleansing the colon and small intestine, but it is also designed to cleanse at deep cellular & tissue levels. The blood, lymph, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, skin and practically every organ and gland are relieved of toxic accumulations. Perhaps most important of all, the HealthForce Cleanse often helps you release deep-seated emotions that may have been a contributing cause of disease and other problems keeping you from experiencing your full potential.

You can choose from a 2-wk or 4-wk program, each consisting of 2 phases, Relaxed and Intensive. The 2-wk program is a highly beneficial Cleanse unto itself and can also be used as a starting point for the 4-wk program.

The RELAXED PHASE is highly effective, yet milder and easier, and serves two important functions:

1) Gives the cleansing, nutritive herbs & superfoods time to work (the effect is cumulative) so you can cleanse more deeply. You are generally better off doing one 4-week cleanse (if you can) than two 2-week cleanses. Once you get momentum going, you get better results if you stay with it. Your system will begin cleansing as soon as you start the program. You will be nourishing your system like never before. You will be detoxifying years or decades of metabolic wastes from the colon and entire body (including, pesticides, drugs, pathogenic microbes, harmful chemicals and plaque that may line the intestines). The Relaxed Phase prepares you to go even deeper if you choose to do the Intensive Phase for the last week of your Cleanse.[Top]

2) Alkalizes the body - most people are far too acidic, which along with plaque layers, toxins and lack of proper nutrition, is a major cause of most health problems, disease and low energy. Doing the program on the Relaxed Phase for a week or more will allow time for the body to eliminate stored acids and acquire alkaline-forming electrolyte minerals, which are vital for health and an effective cleanse. It will also allow your detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) to be strengthened so you will have an easier time on the intensive (if you choose to go that far).

If you've done intensive cleansing programs in the last year without difficulty and you follow an organic, whole food vegan diet with emphasis on fresh raw foods, you may be able to do a 1-week Relaxed Level, otherwise you should do a 3-week Relaxed Level, prior to the Intensive Level. Certainly, if you're unhealthy or if you've eaten the Standard American diet for many years, we suggest you do the Relaxed Phase for 3 weeks.

The program is highly adjustable so that you can do it as intensively or gently as you wish. It comes with full instructions on how to do so. [Top]

RELAXED PHASE (3 wks) consists of:

I. TAKING HERBAL FORMULA 3 TIMES PER DAY - Intestinal Cleansing & Movement Formula - a combination of herbs that work together synergistically to cleanse and move the bowels, help control parasites, break down intestinal plaque and promote regularity (without creating dependency, as other herbal colon cleansing products can do). This is a powerful part of the program and has not been duplicated anywhere else.

II. DRINKING 3 SHAKES PER DAY of juice and/or water and Intestinal Drawing Formula - draws in and absorbs toxins and plaque and flushes them out of body. No psyllium, which can irritate, bloat and constipate some people. Also helps to strengthen bowel walls.

III. TAKING NATURAL HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS 3 TIMES PER DAY - see below for a quick description of items listed on Recommended Products For Cleanse Program - for more detail see Product Description Catalogs. Most of these are Dr. Jameth Sheridan's (HealthForce) proprietary formulas.

Vitamineral Green - an amazingly generous supply of 100% whole food nutrition, Vitamineral™ Green was designed to be the most beneficial, nutrient dense and comprehensive superfood product ever offered. Contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals (including calcium and all other electrolyte minerals) and trace minerals (including naturally colloidal and better forms). Contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients (excreted as expensive yellow urine or stored as toxic deposits). "Manufactured" by Mother Nature herself; not a chemist. Also naturally occurring are all the essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, fatty acids, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, tens of thousands of phyto-nutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients.

Vitamineral™ Green is the most phenomenal product we've ever seen, actually includes ALL of the following:

Friendly Bacteria - replaces friendly flora in intestinal tract. The most comprehensive probiotic formula ever offered, containing over 40 strains of both soil based organisms and traditional implantable species. They aggressively fight harmful bacteria, candida & parasites, create vitamins and enzymes, and promote good digestion by breaking down food and waste material.

Trace Minerals - people need organic minerals and most people are not getting them. Vitamineral™; Green provides a full array of trace minerals perfectly balanced as they appear in nature. Extremely important for enzyme functions of elimination (cleansing) and rebuilding the body, the trace minerals in Vitamineral™ Green include both colloidal and better forms. They are not isolated from food or mined from the earth, and do not contain any toxic or inorganic forms of minerals such as aluminum, sulfur or iron. They are 100% Actual Food™!

Alkalizing Minerals - naturally occurring rich supply of these important minerals - see Greener Grasses™ below and take together for maximum alkalizing power! [Top]

Super Foods - have been called miracle foods. They promote high energy and build neurotransmitters in brain. They contain protein rich algaes, green grasses, wildcrafted herbs plus other superfoods to promote rebuilding and strengthening. It is the most complete single whole food formula available. Can be taken in place of your traditional multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Vitamineral™ Green is actually a food, not a supplement and can be taken in any amount!

LiverRescue III+ - Helps to prevent, reduce or eliminate any cleansing reactions that often result from other cleanse programs. Protects the liver from poisons, assist it to purge poisons and actually assists liver cells to regenerate!

Greener Grasses - Intensive Alkalizing Formula. Great companion to Vitamineral™ Green includes 100% whole food chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and most importantly:

Alkalizing Minerals - helps to alkalize body (crucial part of program) by replacing lost minerals and electrolytes, balances body's electrolyte need during cleansing, purification, and heavy activity. Body uses its own mineral/electrolyte reserve to buffer acid forming foods and protect pH balance (one of most important functions to maintaining health), to respond to stress and to heavy exercise. If body has low reserve it steals minerals from various parts of body (bones, liver, etc.) and reduces ability of that part of body to function effectively. More electrolytes can help improve memory, brain and nerve function, oxygenate cells, purifies blood, and many other benefits.

IV. TEST YOUR PH WITH PH PAPERS - should test and pass pH test prior to proceeding to Intensive Phase. Body must have adequate alkaline reserve before heavy cleansing (stress). People can feel worn out toward end of a cleanse because they're acidic and drained of minerals/electrolytes. But you can feel good and not know you're acidic because your body is stealing minerals from other areas (until the electrolyte reserve is depleted). If youíre acidic, call us. There are additional ways to alkalize if necessary. One way is to take more Greener Grasses™ and Vitamineral™ Green.[Top]


Olive Leaf Extract - strengthens immune system & resistance to microbial challenges such as Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus & Parasites!

Nopal Cactus - enhances bowel function & removal of bowel toxicity, promotes blood sugar balance, regularity, is anti-viral & nutritive, promotes the time-release into the blood stream of any food and herbal nutrients taken with it so it increases the effectiveness of the cleanse, plus much more.

VI. HEALTHY DIET - effectiveness of the Cleanse will be greatly enhanced by eating a whole foods, alkaline forming, organic vegan diet (no animal products) with emphasis on fresh foods including fresh raw juices, salads, vegetables, fruits, and limited amounts of grains, beans or potatoes.

INTENSIVE PHASE (Final 1 wk) consists of:




You will be amazed at what leaves your body. Many customers have tried other cleanse programs with mixed results. They all report that nothing they have done previously comes close to the effectiveness, completeness, and balance of this cleanse. To take this tremendous step for yourself, see Optimal Program: Your Choices.[Top]

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