The Gift of Problems
Date Published:
Author: Jon Cotton
Article Category: Personal Growth

A Healing Journey

     Every problem we find or create in our life ultimately has a hidden gift for us. We seek the problems because we need their gifts. The challenge is that we often judge too soon because we can't see the reward when we're right in the middle of the situation.

     For 15 years I had severe scoliosis - my spine was curved like an "S." For many years I was in pain 24 hours a day. I started seeing chiropractors in my 20's and learned that my posture was terrible, both normally and while hunched over at my daytime desk job.  I was stressed out in a corporate world that seemed alien to my inner nature and felt resentment and confusion toward my constant back pain. I didn't think to ask what the message to me was in the pain and where I was really "out of alignment."  

     But it did cause me to seek help and eventually became a healing quest. It led me down avenues of learning, healing and growth that I may have never traveled otherwise. I probably experienced almost every type of bodywork and healing. I had hundreds of chiropractic sessions. I saw medical and naturopathic doctors, witch doctors, physical therapists, psychic healers, channelers, nutritionists and hypnotherapists. I went through 50 Rolfing sessions and even more faith healings and "psychic surgeries" in the Philippines and Brazil. I had deep tissue massage, accupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, orthobionomy, cranial sacral manipulation, breema, shiatsu, alexander technique, yoga, tantra, rebirthing, firewalking, meditation and prayer.

     Everything I did and learned contributed to my healing, but also gave me so much more. I received a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion that I may never have pursued were it not for this "problem" I had to solve. This healing path even helped lead me to my current work, sharing all I learn about growing, expanding and healing.  This has allowed me to bring who I am, my inner nature, into alignment with what I do.  That was the real message and challenge I faced. If I had just gotten rid of the "problem" of my back pain without finding the gift and message of the path I needed to walk, I would have stayed out of alignment and it would have managed to appear in other ways.

     Each therapy I tried helped a little. Learning self healing techniques was invaluable to taking responsibility for my own process of regaining wholeness. Every type of practice I studied helped to restore where I was out of balance internally, though it was appearing externally.  

     Better nutrition and internal purification helped rid the body of the physical and emotional toxins clogging me and preventing balance. The nutrition products and programs we offer are all designed to address these areas.

     See your "problems" as challenges.  Seek their messages and may you enjoy their many gifts.