Vaccine Dangers
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Author: Jon Cotton - Total Health Secrets
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Vaccines Dangers: Mandatory Vaccines Dangerous to Our Health & Liberty!

With Obama declaring a state of emergency due to the swine flu, it's now a real possibility that with one more stroke of a pen by either Obama or your state governor, that we could face a choice between submitting to a highly poisonous injection or going to a detainment center. This sounds dangerously close to a concentration camp.

Please take a few minutes to educate yourself on vaccinations. The conclusion I've come to is that vaccines don't actually work and are quite toxic, with high correlations to every type of neurological disease, brain damage, autism, cancer and mycoplasmic infections. Typical ingredients are mercury, formaldahyde and weaponized mycoplasma (a man-made cross between a virus and a bacteria). Vaccinations are more likely to cause rather than prevent the disease they are designed for.

The FDA maintains that no adjuvanted vaccines have been approved for the pandemic. This is patently untrue as all of the injectable vaccines have aluminum, a toxic adjuvant and Novartis confirmed that their vaccine DOES have their proprietary brand of squalene, MF59, in it.

Further, FDA and CDC have stockpiled vast amounts of injectable squalene, a toxic, untested, unapproved drug which causes horrendous auto immune disease, for admixture into the vaccines to be injected at 90,000 sites around the US. This admixture procedure violates the FDA's own Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and is therefore illegal, just as the use of squalene, an untested, unapproved drug, is illegal.

Vaccines are a billion dollar business that is about money, not health. There are no double-blind studies to prove their effectiveness. The historical statistics have been manipulated and falsified.

Here's the usual scenario: First there is an increase of a disease on the planet. Over time the number of people getting the disease begins to decline naturally. To increase the statistics and create fear, the health authorities begin to reclassify diseases with similar symptoms into the category of the disease in question. So the numbers increase artificially. Eventually, the incidence of the disease begins to fall anyway. Once it is on a steady decline, they introduce a vaccine, claiming it crucial to avert a pandemic. Many people get the vaccine which usually temporarily increases the incidence of the disease because that's what vaccines do. But rather than realize the vaccine is toxic, they use the increased disease numbers to create even more fear. Eventually the numbers continue their already declining course until the disease is statistically insignificant compared to most diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The vaccine is declared a success and every baby born for the rest of eternity is required to get the vaccine. That's an effective marketing campaign - convince everyone you must have their product or you will die. 

Mandatory vaccinations (requiring us to submit our bodies to toxic medical experimentation) is a huge breach of our constitutional rights and bordering on Gestapo tactics.

This should be a personal and family, not state mandated, decision. Plus, logically speaking, if everyone who wants the vaccination gets it, and if it did in fact protect them, then the fact that someone is not vaccinated couldn't possibly hurt them. So essentially, you may be forced to poison yourselves "for your own good" or go to jail.

Please read these two articles to begin to educate yourself on the dangers of vaccines to our health and freedom:
1) Ten Questions About Flu Vaccines That Doctors and Health Authorities Refuse to Answer, and
2) President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic; but why?

Then, please check out these health freedom sites, join their newsletters and Sign Their Petitions to protect your fragile liberty and health:

 I love their truthful information although I don't recommend many of the products they endorse. That's because almost everything grown in the U.S. is toxic. Stick with our "beyond organic" supplements and health products, grown outside the U.S. in pristine areas with good water and re-mineralized soil and produced without toxic flow agents and add-ons. See High Standards - How We Select Products to understand the the humongous difference between two supplements with the exact same name by produced by different manufacturers.

We also carry the following helpful book: What Every Parent Should Know About CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATION.

The Natural Solutions Foundation has initiated "stop the shot" legal action to block the FDA's ability to deploy any of the pandemic vaccines approved for use on September 15 or thereafter. None of these vaccines has been subjected to adequate safety testing.

Please help protect our precious liberty and health. We can no longer use being "too busy" as an excuse to bury our heads in the sand. The need to add your voice to the collective will is upon us now. And taking action always feels better than worrying. Thank you for your support.