Recommended Reading

Date Published: October, 1997
Author: Jon Cotton
Article Category: Personal Growth

Recommended Reading:
Diet For A  New America
by John Robbins

     This classic is among  the most important books of our time. We feel it is required reading for citizens of earth today. It's a compassionate yet hard hitting, well reseached expose of the effects of meat & dairy consumption on our health and the health of our planet, with a beautiful section on our interelationship with animals.  You'll find your understanding lifted to a true planetary consciousness.

     Robbins documents  the direct relationship between meat consumption and nearly every environmental problem, including:

  • Rainforest destruction (to raise cattle)
  • Water (1 hamburger's production uses the amount of water it takes for 1 person to shower every day for a year)
  • Hunger (we can wipe out starvation with a 10% cut in meat consumption because meat production requires 16 times its weight in grain & soy as cattle feed)
  • Water Pollution (from runoff of pesticides & manure).

     From his extensive health research one statistic stood out: 50% of Americans die of heart attacks. For vegetarians its under 15%, for vegans under 4%. Its never too late to change. Eat live fruits & vegetables for life. This book will help you make a more informed choice. Bon appetite.


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