Our Ultimate Goal

Date Published: July, 1997
Author: Jon Cotton
Article Category: Personal Growth

Our Ultimate Goal

     What do we all want?  The most basic human desire we all share is that we want to be happy. We are happiest when we are living according to our highest purpose in life. But how do you identify this purpose and once discovered, how do you fulfill the yearning of your heart and soul?

     If you truly desire to live life by your own design, to be happy beyond your wildest dreams, then you must be willing to explore and expand yourself on every level: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

     This journey will take everything you've got and give you everything you want. It involves:
1) healing old wounds and releasing disempowerng patterns, addictions & beliefs;
2) nurturing & building our energy through exercise, nutrition, & empowering emotional states;
3) opening to intimacy, compassion, unconditional love & acceptance;
4) developing and focusing the power to direct our minds with thoughts and pictures; 
5) reclaiming our spiritual nature by doing the inner work - meditation or prayer - communing with the divine.
We may live in physical bodies but we are inherently beings of pure energy with unlimited abilities. We create at will the circumstances of our worldly existence most conducive to the growth and experience necessary to fulfill our highest purpose. Seek out experiences designed to help you grow rapidly on multiple levels, yet with balance & ease, so you may find and enjoy the life you were meant to live!


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