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Date Published: 2008
Author: Jon Cotton
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High Standards - How We Select Products

We are what we eat. It is a crucial determinant of health to ensure that our food supply is well grown and pure. The same applies to the personal care products we use on our body. But most of the food (even organic) produced in this country is grown on soil that is severely deficient in minerals and healthy bacteria, with toxic groundwater that we would never consider drinking. Additionally, chemical pesticides are often added which weaken our immune systems and cause disease, crops are genetically modified and hybridized and food is fumigated and irradiated in transit without our knowledge.

Back in 1988, Tom Brokaw reported that, even at that time, there were no uncontaminated drinking water sources left in the U.S. Also, in the last 20 years, the antioxidant value of our food has decreased by 50%. The same applies to the nutritive content of our food, as you can measure scientifically with a hand-held refractometer.

The Most Powerful Food You Can Eat

Consequently, well grown nutritional supplements of concentrated herbs and superfoods have become a high priority to fill the massive gap in our diets and address severe imbalances that have appeared from living in a polluted, toxic environment. A thimble full of a well grown food supplement that strengthens you will be better for you than a bucket full of a poorly grown food that weakens you.

This is why we consider one of the most important steps you can take for your current and future health is to use our recommended "Daily Program" on a regular basis.

Are Supplements Effective?

The challenge with supplements has been the same with food - to find ones that are truly grown, manufactured and shipped properly so that they support rather than challenge our health. Unfortunately, most supplements today do not meet this standard.

A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA, winter, 1999) showed only 5 of 196 nutritional products randomly tested from health food stores proved to be both nontoxic and effective. The study found the other 191 products or about 97½% to be either toxic, ineffective or both. Using this random study, this translates to a shocking fact: only 2½% of nutritional products available in the marketplace that are worth buying at all!

I think this is why there has been such a controversy around supplements. It explains why most medical doctors think they are not effective. With 97½% of the supplements, they are probably right. But unfortunately, most drugs, radiation and surgeries are more harmful, immune compromising and disease producing that the illnesses they are trying to treat.

The Challenge to Find Good Supplements

So finding the right supplements is as important as finding the right food. Here are some of the problems (as described in more in PRL's "10 Secrets You May Not Know") with most supplements (including those with great marketing, miraculous testimonials and literature exclaiming how "natural" they are):

1) Synthetic Ingredients - most supplements contain synthetic ingredients and are essentially pharmaceutical products devoid of life energy. German research shows that consuming a synthetic or degraded nutrient may initially stimulate the cell’s DNA and temporarily, produce an enhanced effect – so it “seems good.” However, their research showed that after initial stimulation, the DNA of the cell then deteriorated faster. So the initial effects of poor degraded nutrients (translated to feeling better, more vitality, etc.) were actually short-lived and encouraged more rapid aging of the DNA and consequently, of the cell. This is what our favorite manufacturer Premier Research Labs (PRL), in their article "The Quantum Nutrition Effect", calls the “Seems Good But Isn’t” hypothesis.

Additionally, ground-breaking experiments by German bio-physicist Dr. Fritz Popp of the University of Kaiserlautern and others have demonstrated that healthy cells and live-source (versus synthetic or processed) foods emit a glow of light that surrounds them, which is not normally visible to the naked eye (except for intuitive individuals) but easily quantified by highly sophisticated German optical equipment. This radiant field or “body of light” around a molecule distinguishes living from non-living substances. If natural-source nutrients are of quantum quality (i.e. exquisitely well grown and without toxic tagalongs), then the cell is able to absorb both physical nutrients as well as the nutrient’s resonant frequencies. The cell can function at its optimal frequency and thus, live longer.

How do you know if an ingredient is synthetic? If you can not recognize it as something you can pick in nature, it is often synthetic. For instance, you can not pick 100mg of Vitamin B-1 in nature. It's usually made in a laboratory. But plants, herbs, algae, grasses, etc... are natural foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

2) Routine Contamination - over 60% of the herbs currently used in nutritional products in the U.S. have been either fumigated, irradiated or contain significant pesticide/insecticide residues - including even many organic herbs.

3) Toxic Water/Demineralized Soil - as mentioned above, most herbs produced in the U.S. are grown in deficient soil and water. This produces food that is deficient in nutrients. Well grown food makes us strong, poorly grown food makes us weak.

4) Isolated Nutrients versus Whole Foods - supplements containing isolated vitamins and minerals may seem to help at first, but may throw you severely out of balance long term. Nature designed foods that have thousands of nutrients in synergistic balance, so taking much more of just one can produce a deficiency of the rest. Because of the time delay, we often don't link this as the source of our health problems.

5) Toxic Agents in Manufacturing - supplement manufacturers regularly use toxic tag-along chemicals in processing including preservatives, binders, fillers and flowing agents. When consumed over time, the toxic chemical agents can bio-accumulate and later create serious toxicity problems. Examples are flow agents such as magnesium stearate and talcum powder, which are often not shown on the label as ingredients but may potentially promote cancer.

6) Tablets and Gelatin Capsules - most tablets are made by using high pressure (20,000 pounds per square inch) to compress the ingredients and are then heated in dryers. This process can damage the nutrients. Tablets also incorporate glues, flowing agents and other toxic materials. Gelatin capsules utilize a toxic preservative and are made from the lowest grade animal body parts, such as hooves, that carry the risk of prion exposure and increase the burden on the kidney and liver to metabolize them.

7) Insufficient Testing of Raw Materials - most manufactures rely solely on a Certificate of Analysis provided from the raw material supplier and do not test their incoming shipments for quality or contamination. Some manufacturers do spot testing a few times a year. This is grossly inadequate.

We Found the Answer

There is one manufacturer that has managed to solve all the challenges mentioned above and stands light years beyond the rest in the quality, safety, purity and effectiveness of the supplements they produce. That is Premier Research Labs (PRL). At Total Health Secrets we consistently make sure we are offering the best (even if it means changing everything we are doing) and right now, they are it.

PRL is the only company that tests 100% of every single batch of incoming raw materials every day. They use a highly advanced testing system called photoluminescent testing in which HPSC (High Performance Crystal Spectroscopy) is used to perform simultaneous multiple scans of each specific raw material. These scans can identify degraded materials or toxicity due to the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, excess moisture, lower grade material than purchased or damage from excess heat, light or irradiation. See "What Makes Premier Research Labs Products Premier" for a fascinating description of the process and more.

With this state of the art equipment and high standards and devotion to purity, PRL ensures that they only use the best ingredients possible. While testing consistently for many years, they found they were rejecting almost everything grown in the U.S. To obtain 100% contaminant-free, raw materials, PRL sources most of its food and herbal ingredients outside the U.S. — where nutrients are grown in rich, unspoiled soil with pure water, from the deep central forests in India, to the wilds of the South American rainforests, to the pristine mountaintops of China. They ship them in rugged, HDPE drums with tamper-proof locking pins. This preserves their freshness and avoids contamination by routine fumigation at the ports of passage on the way to the U.S.

They also use only whole food-based organic ingredients (nothing synthetic), absolutely no toxic flow agents or tag-alongs and the highest grade of vegetable capsules. They use non-leaching plastic bottles. They also nitrogen flush every bottle (so the ingredients are not degraded by oxidation). This guarantees the product will be fresh, even if you do not open it for years (their official shelf life is 2-3 years, but unofficially they expect them to last 25 years!)

The Quantum Nutrition Effect

PRL also learned that when you combine certain “Quantum Quality” nutrients together in the same formula, you can achieve a higher resonant harmonic frequency than if they were used individually. We invite you all to experience the benefits of truly well grown nutrients which have been combined synergistically to sustain or rapidly restore ideal cellular resonance and initiate a quantum leap to great health.

How We Test All Our Food and Supplements Kinesiologically

We test every food, supplement and product we carry kinesiologically (by muscle testing hand strength) to ensure the quality is the highest and passes our standards. Our muscle testing method using the hand grip (called O-ring in the scientific literature) is the most accurate method with many research papers confirming its accuracy. Our results also closely match PRL's testing. The procedure is similar to the Quantum Reflex Analysis testing I do in my office consultations. But instead of testing a client, I would use them as a surrogate to test the product.

Here is the procedure: I have them hold the product at arm's length, so that they are not strengthening the product with their own bio-electric energy field. I then have them hold the thumb and ring finger of their right hand together while I gently try to pull them apart. If the product is strong I won't be able to part their grip - it will be strong as an ox. If the point is weak, their fingers will part easily no matter how hard they hold - it will be weak as a kitten.

If the product tests strong, we must next ensure that it will hold up under the normal stress your body is under daily. So, we then stress the product by having them firmly tap it a few times on a solid surface like a table and then testing their grip again. The gold standard would be for the product to withstand 20 "stress taps'" and still test strong right after the tapping. But if we applied that standard for food grown in America, we would have very little to eat. So we use just 4 stress taps as our minimum standard to tell us that the product is at least not toxic and safe to eat. Of course the stronger it is, the more likely it is to make us strong.

None of the supplements I have tested that contained any synthetic ingredients have ever passed my testing. But surprisingly, only about 20% of even the fully organic whole food-based natural supplements pass the test. That is because most are grown in this country with the problems described above.

The Power of PRL and Well Grown Food

With PRL products, you can stress tap them 1000 times and they still test rock-solidly strong! Wow! So let me ask you a question. Would you rather consume a wimpy toxic supplement (with lofty claims that looks and sounds good) that is weak under even the slightest stress and weakens you too, or a pure, well grown food that holds up under the normal daily stress your body endures to the equivalent of 1000 stress taps and makes you strong and healthy?

That is why I no longer place a lot of value on what the label says, except to immediately exclude any food that has synthetics, chemicals, toxic additives or is highly processed. The only way I can now tell for sure if a food or supplement is healthy or toxic is to test it. (The one exception is that you can use a refractometer for fruits or vegetables to indicate the nutritive value).

So we test all the products we carry to make sure they are the highest quality. That is why so many of the products we offer are from PRL. It is also why we have discontinued carrying some products. We will continue to evaluate existing products and search for even better ones. For example, we still carry HealthForce products. We don't believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water and we still find their Cleanse Program to be powerful and a huge jump in health for our clients. We do find that PRL tests much stronger than any others, so we now suggest converting to their products for our daily program and all ongoing uses and health challenges.

Of course we have found foods and personal products from some other vendors as well that pass our standards. Our bottom line is that if we wouldn't use it, we don't sell it. We only offer to you what we would use for our own bodies. See our mission statement in "About Us" for more about our philosophy and how we value your health and the health of our planet.

Here are the places I recommend you start:

Daily Program

The Quantum Nutrition Effect

10 Secrets You May Not Know

What Makes Premier Research Labs Products Premier

Unlimited Vitality - for the best overall fun-filled education on diet, health, nutrition, recovery, high energy and everything else you can do to create total health, please take my advice and listen to my Audio CD Workshop Unlimited Vitality. I promise you will love them and they will make a huge positive difference. So far everyone has agreed!

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