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Step 2: Stabilize Hormone Balance

With clinically proven Organ-Gland targeted nutraceuticals, with no animal glandulars.

step2The hormone balance of the body is a complex, interactive symphony of different regulating compounds. These hormones are internal messengers which are necessary to control and regulate the body’s processes. Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, the next step is to identify and support the glands which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones.

Hormone deficiency can lead to global body symptoms such as sleep dysregulation, difficulty with the bowels, chronic fatigue or the inability to exercise and can negatively affect any organ or gland in the body.
The most common areas which may need support are:

Pituitary / Hypothalamic Support

If the pituitary is weak or toxic, there may be runaway, allergic-type reactions or other extreme reactions. In these cases, consider the following:

appleAdaptogen-R-3 provides general support for the pituitary neuroendocrine axis. Often, this product alone is enough support to rebalance the entire brain and adrenal neuroendocrine system.
Typical use: Adults or children, age 4 up: 2 to 3 Vcaps/day.

appleChyaPro is a rejuvenative tonic from India. In long-term chronic illness, the pituitary gland and its interactive pathways with the hypothalamus are often exhausted, which can lead to global dysregulation of the body's hormone production. In these cases, many are non-responsive to any type of therapy since even the body's basic hormone pathways are "off line."

The use of an amla-based, rejuvenative tonic (composed of grade 10 botanicals from India, ayurvedically grown and compounded by traditional Ayurvedic herbal masters) can supply abundant phytochemical resources to dramatically help re-establish hormone competence. This ancient herbal tonic has a centuries-old track record in many countries for normalizing the pituitary/hypothalamic axis by stabilizing the endocrine meridians and repleting mineral stores.

An overall rejuvenative tonic for the hormones is especially helpful in cases of hypothalmic exhaustion. The leading herb, amla, is well known as a rich source of natural vitamin C and an ideal DNA repair tonic.

Recommended use. Adults or children, age 4 up: ½ tsp. per day. It can be used along with AdrenaVen and Adaptogen-R-3 as needed with no fear of contraindications.[Top]

Adrenal/Pituitary Support

The most common hormonal imbalance is adrenal dysfunction. Adrenal stress is epidemic in America. The adrenals play 3 key roles: 1) balancing fluids, 2) settling inflammation in the body when needed and
3) providing sufficient energy to get through each day.

When a person does not get 5 continuous hours of sleep at night, often there will be adrenal exhaustion. Since a key role of the adrenals is to hold moisture in the intestines, when the adrenals are stressed, there may be hard stools ("golf balls") for bowel eliminations. In these cases, adrenal support is critical for adequate resolution.

Note: A common but overlooked cause of chronic anxiety symptoms (from adrenal/kidney sedation) is due to the bioenergetic stagnation/blockage from an episiotomy scar (after childbirth) which often reflexes to the adrenals/kidneys with the effect of sedating them (often for many years after the scar incision - even though it visually appears well healed). In these cases, the use of Medi-Body Packs on the scar sites is essential to clear the blockage. (See directions for use of the Medi-Body Packs.)

appleAdrenaVen (a cordyceps extract with key synergists) is often used together with Adaptogen-R-3 or alone and is ideal for adrenal and spleen rejuvenation and support. AdrenaVen contains both the whole raw concentrate and the fermented mycelial extract of cordyceps: together they have been proven to be the most potent cordyceps delivery system. In addition, this formula contains premier nutritional synergists and co-factors.

Recommended Use: Adults or children, age 4 up: 4 Vcaps/day at breakfast. Severe cases and/or for more rapid response, 6 Vcaps at breakfast and 6 Vcaps or more at lunch. Best taken before 2 PM.

appleMax B-ND is the world's first, live-source (probiotically generated) for the super end-chain, high energy forms of each type of the B vitamins which are used by the adrenals to safely and naturally upregulate adrenal hormone production and by the liver and brain to deliver an almost instantaneous upregulation in their function.

Note: In Vata-dominant body types (more sensitive individuals), use only a few drops of Max B-ND at a time to upregulate the liver.

Recommended Use: Adults and children, age 4 and up: ½ tsp. in ¼ cup water or liquid daily.

applePremier Nutritional Flakes. This natural-source vitamin B complex supports adrenal hormone
synthesis as well as production of energy and Phase II liver detoxification. It is an excellent source of
natural B complex vitamins as well as immune boosters such as glutathione and beta 1,3 glucans. It is
primary grown nutritional yeast (grown on molasses, not petrochemical sludge, as is common in many commercial sources). It is an ideal functional whole food (at a reasonable cost) with a rich, nutty flavor that can easily be added to many foods. One patient called it "the secret ingredient" because adding a tbsp or two gives whatever you put it in a richer taste. Recommended Use: 1 tbsp mixed in food daily.

applePremier Tomato Concentrate. A great-tasting nutritional support for the adrenals is made from 100% toxic-free, non-hybrid South American tomatoes. It naturally contains high levels of natural-source potassium: a whopping 450 mg./tbsp. (Imagine - this is 4.5 times the amount permitted by law if the potassium were to be taken as an isolated mineral!) Natural-source potassium helps maintain electrolyte balance and eases the adrenal load since the first job of the adrenals is to maintain fluid balance via the use of electrolytes.

This tomato concentrate also contains unusually high levels of natural-source lycopene (270 mg./tbsp.), a powerful antioxidant which supports the prostate and breasts.

applePremier Pink Salt. Although recommending the addition of natural sea salt to a person's diet may seem somewhat unimportant, consuming natural salt can mean a big difference in a person's physiology. Salt can ease the adrenal fluid balance burden and allow the body to focus on its second task: settling inflammation.

Most commercial salt is heated to 1,100 degrees F. - making it a toxic, kidney-stressing substance which can compromise the kidneys. Commercial salt also contains surprisingly toxic additives such as aluminum, white sugar and sodium ferrocyanide.

In contrast, Premier Pink Salt is a combination of natural-source, unheated raw sea salts, replete with a full spectrum of natural trace elements - which can nourish the adrenals without added toxics. Without a good source of natural salt, the adrenals can go into distress - then failure. For most people, salt-free diets are not recommended. (Salt-free diets are especially detrimental for children.)

Recommended Use: Use small amounts of Pink Salt to season food as you would regular salt.[Top]

Reproductive Hormone Support

The first goal of natural hormone therapy is to support the hormone-related organs to balance hormone production. The next step is to detoxify the hormone-related organs (especially liver and pituitary) for the most efficient functioning of hormone usage. Lastly, the goal is to keep the body's hormones in balance by providing the nutrients the body needs to adequately produce its own hormones.

appleUltraPollen provides 18 different pesticide-free, European pollens (with over 500 different bioflavonoids) for maximum whole-body hormone support. These pollens have had the mold spore removed to eliminate allergy risk and support female and male reproductive hormone balance, including brain endocrine hormones. This multi-pollen extract works so well that most of the time no other hormone support is needed.

European multi-pollen extract (heavy metal and pesticide free - unlike most pollens) supports brain and reproductive hormonal function and often is all the help about 85% of all men and women need to balance their hormones in their advancing years. In addition, multi-pollen extract helps strength the bladder to support healthy urination and the prostate, even in severe prostate cases.

Recommended Use: Adults or children (age 4 and up): 1 to 2 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch.

Progesterone Support

Since progesterone is a key hormone which the body uses in detoxification, the body's progesterone levels are often depleted in chronic illness. To restore progesterone, the use of a natural progesterone cream such as Natural Gesterone™ Cream can quickly rebuild the progesterone levels to promote cellular detoxification as well as re-establish a healthy estrogen-progesterone balance provided that there is good adrenal function.

However, the ultimate goal is to eventually eliminate the need for external progesterone cream as the body is nutritionally supported and becomes once again able to make adequate quantities of progesterone on its own, especially by using European multi-pollen extracts (clinically proven to support the body's internal production of natural hormones) and other full-spectrum, hormone-balancing nutrients. In most cases, the use of natural progesterone cream will be required for a few months up to a year.

appleNatural Gesterone Cream contains U.S.P. grade progesterone made from wild yam (which has been converted in a laboratory to bio-identical natural progesterone). It is free of toxic chemicals such as PEG-8 stearate, propylene glycol and methyl paraben so it can be used on the face continuously without clogging the pores or making the body area toxic due to toxic tagalongs, unlike other creams.

Recommended Use: ¼ tsp., once or twice daily massaged into thin skin areas (2 to 3 weeks/month in pre-menopause and continuous use after menopause) (¼ tsp. = 18 mg bio-identical progesterone). (See full directions for use.) According to Dr. Lee, the ideal amount of natural progesterone for healthy hormone maintenance is ¼ tsp. daily (18 mg. bio-identical progesterone).

appleRejuvenation Cream. In many cases, especially men over age 55 and women over age 45,
important hormone support is the use of a broad-spectrum, 3-hormone cream which contains natural
progesterone (2%) to help balance the estrogen/progesterone ratios, natural-source DHEA (5%) for
adrenal support and natural-source pregnenolone (5%) to support all steroid hormone synthesis.

Quantum Rejuvenation Cream delivers all three natural hormones and is free of toxic tag-alongs that can create liver toxicity and further compromise hormonal balance. Quantum Rejuvenation Cream is ideal for those who are older and/or suffering with low cholesterol levels, etc.

Pregnenolone support is essential when cholesterol levels are below 150 and also helps maintain healthy collagen integrity to prevent sagging (especially in women over age 50).

Recommended Use: Use ¼ tsp. daily massaged into facial skin or applied over the genital areas or
ovaries or thin skin areas (such as the ankles and wrists).

applePremier Fem PMS is ideal support for PMS symptoms (such as menstrual cramping and menses-related concerns, such as headaches, bloating, weight gain, depression, etc.) and promotes regular menstrual cycles. In PMS, the symptoms are often the result of liver toxicity as well as hormone imbalance, especially estrogen dominance. In these cases, coffee enemas (see Premier Coffee Enema procedure) can provide an immediate release of toxic bile congestion as well as cleansing and upregulating the liver, allowing for more regular, symptom-free menstrual cycles. In bulimia or anorexia in teenagers, there may also be low cholesterol levels which must be addressed.

Recommended Use: Adults or children, age 4 and up: 1 to 3 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch. In certain cases, natural-source B vitamins may also be necessary to upregulate liver and adrenal function.

applePremier Fem Balance is ideal support for menopause. This can also be used with Premier Fem PMS for additional support in difficult menopause cases and where symptoms are severe (i.e. hot flashes, depression, insomnia, night sweats, etc.).

Recommended Use: Adults or children age 4 and up: 1 to 3 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch.

applePremier Royal Jelly (fresh-frozen from China). This is the ideal super food for any male or female
reproductive dysfunction. It is excellent progesterone and estrogen support. It contains ideal
natural-source nutrients and the hormone regenerative matrix, unmatched by any other nutrient
source in the world.

Recommended Use: Take ½ tsp, morning and night (for a person weighing 150 lbs or less); use 1 tsp., morning and night (for those who are 150 to 200 lbs.); use 1 ½ tsp., morning and evening (if over 200 lbs.).[Top]

Estrogen Support

Estro Flavone serves as a natural estrogen source. It is a phytonutrient formula featuring
natural SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) such as fermented isoflavones from nontoxic soy (not common, toxic unfermented isoflavone concentrates which are not recommended), red clover extract and DIM (diindolylmethane) which act as a natural-source estrogens, especially helpful during and after menopause.

SERMs helps eliminate xeno-estrogens which have bioaccumulated in the body from many sources over time, such as composite dental restorations (which slowly leach out toxic residues), pesticides in food, toxic skin care products, household cleansers and other aromatic chemical exposures that may be blockading hormone receptor sites. In stubborn cases (especially in older women), the hormone receptor sites may have become heavily congested with xeno-estrogens from years of use of synthetic HRT.

While this product can provide dramatic help in balancing estrogen chemistry in many post-menopausal women, it does not decongest the lymphatic vessels which may contain rock-hard "bee-bees," especially around the breast areas. (In these cases, use Immuno-ND to clear the lymphatic congestion.)

Recommended Use: Adults or children, age 4 up: 3 to 6 Vcaps are taken at breakfast and lunch.

applePremier Royal Jelly (fresh-frozen from China). This is the ideal super food for any male or female reproductive dysfunction. It is excellent natural estrogen support. It contains ideal natural-source nutrients and the hormone regenerative matrix, unmatched by any other product in the world.

Recommended Use: Adults or children, age 4 up: ½ tsp., morning and night (for a person who weighs 150 lbs or less); use 1 tsp., morning and night (for those who are 150 to 200 lbs.); use 1 ½ tsp., morning and evening (if over 200 lbs.)[Top]

Testosterone Support

As the body ages, testosterone levels typically decline in both men and women. Studies show that testosterone may be the single most important hormone that aging men need to maintain strength, vitality and sense of well being. Natural testosterone support may be a key player in hormone balance for both men and women.

applePremier Testosterone. This is a highly effective, clinically proven nutraceutical complex without animal glandulars. In men, this product has been proven to raise low testosterone levels to the normal range while also lowering undesirable elevated estrogen levels, as well as raising beneficial DHEA levels. It can also provide dramatic help for boosting cardiovascular integrity, increased libido, lean muscle mass and strength. For many women, testosterone support is also needed.

Recommended Use: (Adults or children, age 4 and up): 1 to 3 Vcaps daily.

applePremier Royal Jelly (fresh-frozen from China). This is the ideal super food for any male or female reproductive dysfunction. It is excellent natural testosterone support. It contains ideal natural-source
nutrients and the hormone regenerative matrix, unmatched by any other product in the world. For men with low libido and inability to achieve or sustain an erection, this product is unparalleled and provides results usually in a few days.

Recommended use: ½ tsp., morning and night up (for a person who weighs 150 lbs or less); up to 200 lbs, use 1 tsp., morning and night; over 200 lbs, use 1 ½ tsp., morning and evening.

Thyroid Support

Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) are commonly the result of stress, heavy metal exposure/toxicity, inadequate dietary nutrients, low iodine intake, low progesterone levels as well as many other factors.

Because of the key role the thyroid plays in hormone regulation, a toxic thyroid can create false thyroid suppression. After adequately detoxifying the thyroid, many women who have been on synthetic thyroid medication for years have been able to eliminate these medications.

appleXenoStat is a natural source iodine complex and rich in sodium alginate, a strong natural detoxifier of radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals. It provides advanced thyroid, hormone and fat metabolism support and detoxes xeno-estrogens, which also affect the thyroid.

appleNatural Gesterone Cream. In chronic illness, the thyroid gland often becomes exhausted and the production of thyroxin, the chief hormone of the thyroid, may become chronically low. In many cases, thyroxin levels become depressed, due to low progesterone levels. This means that thyroid support will be of little help. In this case, the use of a non-toxic, natural progesterone cream for 1 to 3 months (or more) can help support and balance the thyroid's thyroxin production back to normal levels (where no amount of thyroid hormones could previously accomplish this).

Recommended Use: ½ tsp., once or twice daily massaged into thin skin areas (2 to 3 weeks/month in pre-menopause and continuous use after menopause).(See full directions for use.)

appleThyroVen. Often heavy metals, infection and/or radiation damage may impair the thyroid's function. To support the body's healthy thyroxin production, use 3 to 6 Vcaps, breakfast and lunch, for 8 to 12 weeks.

appleDetox-ND and/or an anti-infective formula may be used along with Quantum Thyroid Complex as needed to rapidly recover optimal thyroid function and detoxification, especially in heavy metal toxicity.

Recommended Use: Adults or children, age 4 up: ½ tsp. (less than 150 lbs); 1 tsp. (up to 200 lbs); 1 ½ tsp.(up to 250 lbs.); mix in ½ cup water and drink daily, morning and evening.

appleGreen Tea-ND is a nanized (exquisitely bioavailable) form of non-irradiated grade A green tea. It is the most effective radiation detox therapy for the thyroid and parathyroids and is proven support for rapid body recovery from radiation damage.

Note: Radiation byproducts are cumulative in the human body. This formula is especially effective
support/protection for those that are regularly exposed to radiation sources such as from X-rays
(physicians, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) and those who travel frequently by plane. Just one flight
from LA to New York delivers the amount of radiation you would receive in one year on the ground.

Recommended Use: (Adults or children, age 4 up): ½ to 1 tsp in ½ cup water, morning and evening.[Top]

appleUcon*denotes a product or product-group suggested as part of the 5-step protocol

The products and statements listed above have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Descriptions are provided for informational use only and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

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