The 5 Steps to Great Health
The Revolutionary, Quantum-State Approach to Overcome Illness
From Premier Research Labs (PRL)

Step 4: Eliminate Chronic Infections

step4 Most Americans are chronically ill (more than 1 in 2 according to the Centers for DiseaseControl as reported in 2000). The latest PCR (polymerase chain reaction) DNA test research at U.C. Irvine and University of Pennsylvania suggests most chronic illness is really due toinfection. As a consequence, we list the fourth step to great health for most Americans as the elimination of chronic, often hidden infections.

A new medical paradigm is needed. We must first identify specific nutritional deficiencies, and then provide therapeutic amounts of quality nutrients to enable the body to heal itself. Next, we must remove as many sources of toxic exposure as possible, detoxify the body of bioaccumulated toxins and use specialty upregulating nutrients to help the body rapidly overcome infections.

Essential Nutrient/ Immune-Specific Support

appleThe Super Nutrient Trio

When the body is fighting infection, all the nutrients essential for life need to be generously supplied. The Super Nutrient Trio delivers an abundant amount of these nutrients economically.

The Super Nutrient Trio contains the following 3 products:

  1. Coral Legend Plus (2 Vcaps/meal) or pH Trio.
  2. Premier Greens (5 Vcaps or 1 tsp. at breakfast and lunch)
  3. Premier EFAs (2-3 tsp/day or 6 Vcaps/day, take with protein-rich food)[Top]

Targeted Nutrients/ Immune-Specific Support

The Super Nutrient Trio provides broad-spectrum, quantum-state nutritional support. With the Super Nutrient Trio as a solid nutritional foundation, we are ready to provide the following for solid immune-specific support:

Broad-Based Immune Support

  1. Premier Colostrum (2 Vcaps/meal).
    appleColostrum is immune-specific support for the broadest range of possible problems, like having a superior stand-in immune system. Colostrum also helps to rest the immune system.
  2. Nucleo Immune (3-6 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch or in acute cases, 6 Vcaps/meal.) appleNucleotide levels are typically dramatically compromised in illness and especially when chronic dental problems are present. Research shows that taking oral nucleotides can dead-stop colds/flu often the same day and also reduce injury recovery time by up to 67%.

Acute Immune-Specific Support

appleGenerally, Coriolus Immune (2 to 3 Vcaps meal) is recommended.

Chronic Immune-Specific Support

Best supported by the following:

  1. Allicidin (1-2 Vcaps/meal)
    appleProvides gentle immune-specific support and is well-tolerated by all body types. The key ingredient, stabilized allicin, has a proven kill rate against a broad-spectrum of infectious organisms, including Staph aureus and MRSA (Methycillin-Resistant Staph Aureus).
  2. ImmunoVen (2-3 Vcaps/meal).
    appleThe featured botanical agent in this formula, olive leaf extract, has proven, broad-spectrum anti-viral properties, especially important support when the body is dealing with nanobacteria, Chlamydia or AIDS.
  3. Premier Propolis Complex Complex (usually 2-3 Vcaps/meal)
    appleProvides powerful immune-specific, broad spectrum support due to its incredibly rich base of bioflavonoids (over 500 different types). These bioflavonoids provide proven anti-inflammatory support as well.

Biofilm Elimination

Over 99% of all infections are now known to live in biofilms. Biofilms are thick, sticky polysaccharide sacs. Literally all chronic infections from acne to prosatitis to diverticulitis are now known to be advanced biofilm infections. When a biofilm's mass enlarges greater than 15 mm in diameter, it is beyond the capability of the macrophage's immune attack and necessitates the use of biofilm destructive nutrients.

  1. HCL Detox Kit
    appleThis 2-product kit mixed as a drink can rapidly eliminate chronic biofilms. It also helps replete the cell's methyl group reserves critical to suppression of disease genes and reactivation of tumor suppressor genes. However, if used too aggressively, it can elicit strong detox symptoms such as cold/flu symptoms (i.e. runny nose, fever, achy joints, etc.) See instructions for detailed procedure.
  2. Allicidin (1-2 Vcaps/meal)
    appleProvides gentle biofilm detoxification by delivery of unstable sulfur compounds which reduces the detox load to the kidney and liver. However, it is not capable of cellular re-methylation to the same degree as the HCL Detox Kit.

    It is however a gentle and well-tolerated formula by all body types. The anti-infective properties of
    stabilized allicin is ideal for elimination of chronic acne, chronic sinusitis, etc. Allicidin Complex is the perfect mate to the HCL Detox Kit and is essential for weaker body types (such as the Vata dosha) for biofilm elimination.

Immune-Specific Support for Nerve Meridian Pathways and/or Lymphatics

Immune-specific support for the nerve and lymphatics are often overlooked especially in conditions like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsons' disease, diabetes, etc.

  1. NeuroVen
    appleCan be used to target the nerves and can be coupled with immune-specific support such as Hyssinol.
  2. Hyssinol (1-3 Vcaps/ meal)
    appleFor a gentle, yet comprehensive, whole-body response without increasing kidney load, especially useful when the body is dealing with mycoplasma infection.
  3. Soma Complex (1-2 Vcaps/meal)
    appleFaster acting; works synergistically with kidney support, especially RenaVen (1-2 Vcaps/meal). Hyssinol and Soma Complex are ideal to rapidly promote calmness and a sense of well being.

Ear and Throat Immune-Specific Support

appleEars: Premier Neem Oil Ultra (1-2 drops in ear canal, 2-3 times a day), NeemaStat (1-2 Vcaps/meal).

appleThroat: Premier Neem Oil Ultra or Premier Oregano Oil, topically and internally (1 to 3 drops in water, 3 to 4 times/day) and/or ImmunoVen (1-3 Vcaps/meal).

Yeast Immune-Specific Support

Candida overgrowth is never the primary problem. It is always the result of the actions of another infective organism. First, address the primary underlying infection to help eliminate the yeast. In this case, use the HCL Detox Kit coupled with Allicidin (1 to 2 Vcaps per meal). For therapeutic support, see recommendations under “Biofilm Elimination.”

Use the Super Nutrient Trio, but replace the Coral Legend Plus with the more therapeutic pH Trio (since the yeast conditions create a more acidic state and thus a greater mineral need). Monitor 1st morning urine pH to assure a sufficient therapeutic dose.

For skin and mucus membrane support, also add Premier Propolis Complex (3 Vcaps/meal) and Premier Probiotic Caps (chew 2 Vgels for uptake into the mouth and small intestine) and also swallow 2 Vgels for large intestine delivery.

If you suspect that bowel immune support is needed, add ParaStat (2-3 Vcaps/meal).

Bowel Concerns
appleImmune-specific support is needed in leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis and in loss of intestinal motility. Suspect parasite infection. Add ParaStat™ (2-3 Vcaps/meal).

Note: Always support the kidneys to ensure adequate waste product detox capacity.

Immune-Specific Support

Skin: For acne, Allicidin (1-2 Vcaps/meal), Premier Propolis Complex (1-3 Vcaps/meal)

Eye: Neuro-ND (½tsp. in 4 oz. water, twice daily), OcuVen (3-6 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch), Hyssinol (2-4 Vcaps/meal), Premier SOD (open 3 Vcaps under tongue
between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner and let dissolve under tongue, then swallow)

Heart: Cardio-ND (½to 1 tsp. arising and 1 hr. after dinner)

Breast, Lung, Ovary, Pancreas: Taxus Immune (2-3 Vcaps/meal), Oncaplex™ (2-3 Vcaps/meal). Frequently check for kidney tolerance: support kidney with RenaVen (2-3 Vcaps/meal).

Brain, Nerve, Blood: CereVen (3-6 Vcaps/breakfast and lunch), NeuroVen (3-6 Vcaps/lunch), Maitake Complex (3-4 Vcaps/meal), Coriolus Immune (2-4 Vcaps/meal), Soma Complex (2-3 Vcaps/meal)

Lymph: Immuno-ND (¼ tsp. in 4 oz. water, 1 to 3 times daily), Hyssinol (2-4 Vcaps/meal)

Stomach: GastroVen (1-3 Vcaps/meal or drink as tea for more effectiveness)

Liver (Chronic): Reishi Immune (6-18 Vcaps/meal), Liver-ND (½tsp in water, twice daily)

Intestines and Poor Motility: ParaStat™ (2-3 Vcaps/meal), Premier Noni (20 Vcaps/meal); use a large dose for a short period of time (3 to 7 days) to return to healthy bowel ecology,2 then reduce to 2 Vcaps per meal.[Top]

Organ/Gland Targeting

Immune support can be enhanced by targeting the above products to an organ or gland using our unique, animal-free, organ-targeting products such as CereVen, NeuroVen, RenaVen, ProstaVen, PancreVen, etc.

Modular Products: Easy to Combine

Each PRL phytonutrient complex contains its own essential co-factors, transporters and essential synergists. Therefore, each complex can be taken with or without other formulas and without interfering with the effectiveness of one another. Each formula can be taken with or without food.

Note: GastroVen has its own immune specific support built in which is often sufficient unless there are special needs.[Top]

Super Food/ Enzymatic Support

appleNutritional Flakes

Premier Nutritional Flakes provide a great-tasting source of natural B vitamins, naturally-occurring glutathione (105 mg./tbsp), beta 1,3-glucans (1,150 mg./tbsp) and contains 50% complete, bio-available protein. This “once living” food delivers the Quantum Nutrition Effect, all at an extremely reasonable cost. This is a power food that we recommend for daily use.

appleMedi-Aminos Bean Extract, Medi-Aminos Whole Rice Extract
Medi-Aminos are an excellent source of easily absorbable, free-form amino acids to boost immunoglobulins and more. These two functional food products are nutrient-dense with 95% high quality, free-form amino acids.

These amino acids are easy to absorb and are excellent for those with poor digestion (such as Vata-dominant body types), often seen in fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and most major diseases. These products have the most economical delivery system for free-form amino acids — a delicious way to build power and strength — while achieving the Quantum Nutrition Effect.

Digestive Enzymes
Main Action: Key support for the digestive process, especially after eating cooked food; helps download the unnecessary immune burden of poorly digested food.

applePremier Digest contains highly purified, full spectrum digestive enzymes (including all the main classes: lipase, amylase, protease, lactase, maltase, cellulase, invertase) with an organic substrate support for easy absorption.

appleHCL Detox Therapy

This provides premier immune support and remethylation of the cell, one of the most powerful detoxification methods ever discovered which in turn supports the body's efforts to overcome infection. It is proven to activate tumor suppressor genes and suppress oncogenes (disease-causing genes). Avoid using HCL therapy when there is a high white cell count (such as leukemia) or for those with marginal kidney function since the patient's detox capacity may be too weak.

Procedure: Empty Premier HCL (1 to 2 Vcaps) and Premier HCL Activator (1 to 2 Vcaps) into 2 to 4 oz. water, then mix and drink immediately through a straw after meals, 1 to 3 times daily. After consuming the drink, briefly rinse the mouth with purified water (to avoid any enamel damage to teeth). [Top]

appleUcon*denotes a product or product-group suggested as part of the 5-step protocol

The products and statements listed above have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Descriptions are provided for informational use only and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

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