The 5 Steps to Great Health
The Revolutionary, Quantum-State Approach to Overcome Illness
From Premier Research Labs (PRL)

Step 3: Detoxify the Body

A) Identify Current Toxic Body Burden and Begin Appropriate Detoxification Protocols.

step3So great is the exposure and bio-accumulation of toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals, pesticide/insecticide residues and industrial chemicals, that we recommend “detox” nutritional support, individualized for each person.

  1. Deep Cellular Detoxification
    appleFor broad-based, deep cellular detoxification and re-methylation, use the HCL Detox Kit. Simply open 1 or 2 Vcaps of Premier Betaine HCL and 1 or 2 Vcaps of Premier HCL Activator mixed in 2 to 4 oz. water after meals consumed through a straw. Build slowly with sensitive body types (such as the Vata Tridosha body type). After consuming the HCL drink, rinse the mouth with water.

  2. Heavy Metal Detoxification
    To help cleanse heavy metal deposits from the brain, kidney, bowels, thyroid, parathyroid, etc., key support agents are:

    appleDetox-ND features “nanized” grade A chlorella (broken cell wall) for gentle but thorough heavy metal cleansing (the most popular product for this purpose). Typical use: 1/2 to 1 1/2 tsp in 2 to 4 oz. water, upon arising and 1 hour after dinner.

    appleHM Detox features broken cell wall chlorella (grade A, Japanese, ocean-grown source) with broad spectrum synergists. Typical use: 2 Vcaps, 3 times daily. Also see Quantum Chlorella (typical use: 2 Vcaps, 3 times daily).

    appleGrasses (non-hybrid, South American young grasses of barley, wheat and oat) such as found in Premier Greens. Typical use: 3-6 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch or 1 to 2 tsp. powder at breakfast.

  3. Pesticide/Insecticide Detoxification
    To help eliminate the stubborn residues of pesticides, insecticides and other chemical toxins, a key support agent is:

    appleModified Citrus Pectin (solvent-free) as found in Premier Chem Detox (typical use: 3 to 6 Vcaps, breakfast and lunch).

  4. Kidney Support
    During detoxification kidney support has become one of our key recommendations:

    appleAgaricus Bisporous Extract (Chinese, grown in rich, non-chemicalized soil). Research confirms the powerful blood purifying properties of this extract which helps download the toxic burden on the kidneys and bowels. See RenaVen. Typical use is 3 to 6 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch.

  5. Liver/Gallbladder Detoxification
    appleFor powerful liver detoxification (Phase I, II and III), we recommend specially devised Coffee Enemas using purified water and organic coffee beans. Also helpful is the Mini-Liver/Gallbladder Flush.

  6. Liver/Gallbladder Support
    appleMax B-ND, Gallbladder-ND, HepatoVen, Reishi Immune, BiliVen, Liver-ND, Immuno-ND, Premier SOD (superoxide dismutase), Neuro-ND, Premier NADH, Premier Turmeric, Premier Propolis Complex, Premier Digest.

  7. Liver/Gallbladder — Protein Support
    appleA key functional food for liver and gallbladder support is non-toxic whey protein. It delivers high quality protein as well as concentrated immunoglobulins. Good protein sources include Lean-Body Whey™ Protein Blend, Medi-Aminos Bean Extract, Medi-Aminos Whole Rice Extract, Tocotriene Ultra, Whey Peptein.

  8. Deep Lymphatic Drainage
    appleImmuno-ND, with nanized devil's claw, degranulates the rock-hard type lymph deposits, such as found in the groin or breast areas. Typical dose is 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. in 1/4 cup water daily, upon arising and 1 hr. after dinner.

    appleUsing Premier Castor Oil Packs (with highly effective Indian castor oil) can be critical lymphatic detox support, especially for the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. Best initial site for castor oil packs is often over the kidney area. See Quantum Castor Oil instruction sheet for detailed directions.

    appleThe Medi-Dental Pack is excellent deep-seated detoxification for dental concerns (including teeth, gum areas and submandibular glands).

  9. QCI Therapy (Quantum Coherence Integrator) can rapidly restore quantum coherence to the body's biofield and by using ERT, can eliminate the accumulated effects of previous emotional/ physical trauma. When reinforced daily (home self-care) for 21 days, QCI can achieve resolution often not possible by any other means.

    appleUsed together with Medi-Body Packs, QCI therapy can permanently re‐establish energy flow through scars in 21 days or less ‐ even erasing the most severe interference fields caused by hidden scar reflexes.

  10. Reopen 4 Key Download Sites through use of the Medi-Body Pack, a special detoxifying clay botanical formula, applied to both hands (back and front) and feet (top and bottom) which can rapidly cleanse and open these four key download sites (key energetic release areas) and their pathways which are essential for complete, permanent whole-body detoxification. (See Medi-Body Pack instructions).

B) Identify and Eliminate Home & Environmental Sources of Toxic Body Burden.

It is essential to identify and eliminate the most common inducers and promoters of chronic illness. To uncover these hidden enemies, complete a thorough Dietary and Lifestyle Questionnaire. Our summary article, “The Instant Cure,” lists 26 of the most common inducers and promoters of chronic illness in Americans of all ages.

  1. Non-Toxic Body Care Products. What you put on your skin you are actually eating, since the
    ingredients are typically absorbed through the skin into systemic circulation.

    Therefore, a critical step is to discontinue using toxic body care products and replace them with 100% toxic-free, quantum-state, body-friendly products, including both skin care and hair care products.

    Examples of Toxic Ingredients To Avoid: SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), methyl paraben, propylene glycol, fragrance, peg-8 stearate and most ingredients with chemical names.

  2. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products. Once again, whatever you touch or breathe has the potential to be absorbed into the body and bio-accumulate if the body's detox pathways are inadequate. The best course of action is to avoid chemical-based cleaning products and use 100% toxic-free cleaning agents such as non-chlorine bleach, instead of chlorine bleach.

  3. Protection From Electromagnetic Pollution. Unseen electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution is considered to be the most dangerous type of pollution today. Many types of man-made EMFs can disrupt every known biological system in the body such as the proper functioning of the hormonal system or the generation of brain waves. Therefore, the use of EMF protection devices is critical.

    appleIn addition, PRL has now introduced a quantum-state magnetic earth product (Dragonite) which has been proven to neutralize cell phone tower microwave radiation.

  4. EMF Protection Devices. PRL's unique, hi-tech EMF Protectors can offer vital protection from highly disruptive EMF fields from cell towers, cell phones, computers, appliances, etc., by converting harmful EMFs into biologically harmless fields. In addition to using EMF Protectors, avoid sleeping with a clock-radio near your head. For best, uninterrupted sleep, it is also best to eliminate computers in the bedroom.

  5. Water Purification Devices. Tap water from typical municipal water facilities is known to potentially contain over 3,000 different toxic contaminants, including chlorine and synthetic chemicals. Therefore, using your own water purification device for all water that you consume (and cook with) is essential.

  6. Air Purification Devices. Indoor air pollution from many sources of contaminants is a common problem, such as the slow out-gassing of toxic fumes from laminated wood furniture, carpets, drapes, etc. Even in relatively clean air cities (such as Austin, Texas), we still highly recommend the use of an adequate indoor air purifier, for use inside the home and office environment.

  7. Brix Meter (also called a Refractometer). A simple, handheld device that measures the glucose levels of fruits and vegetables. (Simply place a drop of liquid on the plate and read the level.) High glucose levels directly correlate with high mineral and protein content -- in short, the best produce. Low levels correlate with poorly grown foods. It is critical to identify the best grown food so you will be able to easily select the most nutritious food.

C) Reset the Body's Biofield to Eliminate Stored Emotional/Physical Trauma, Which May Suppress the Body's Healing and Detoxification Functions.

  1. QCI Therapy (Quantum Coherence Integrator) can rapidly restore quantum coherence to the body's biofield and by using ERT, can eliminate the accumulated effects of previous emotional/physical trauma. When reinforced daily (home self-care) for 21 days, QCI can achieve resolution often not possible by any other means.

  2. Therapeutic Biofield Support Equipment. Keep the nerve, electrical and energy system of your body strong and powerful. It is almost impossible to find anywhere today where we are not being bombarded by multiple harmful EMF fields. This is possibly the most dangerous threat to our health today and the potential plague of the 21st century. Sources include cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi networks, auto GPS devices, toll booth scanners, airport security scanners, grocery store check-out scanners, high wires, all electrical wiring, and electrical devices such as computers, cars, phones, TVs and more.

    It is imperative to protect ourselves and our homes. Most devices on the market today don't actually work well enough. The following devices have been tested to work spectacularly well at neutralizing the effect of these harmful electrical/magnetic fields on you and in some cases even converting them into beneficial fields. Wow!

    It is highly recommended to wear specially treated powerfully cell resonant stones called Tektite, Vastu Prosperity Coin, Quadripoles, and Tripoles to both protect you and keep you strong. Protect and strengthen your home with the use of Pyramids, properly made with cell resonant materials.These can vastly increase the power of your home environment to create both healing and abundance.

    For many more suggestions on empowering the bio-electrical/magnetic fields of your home, body and food, please read: Vastu Grounding Procedures.

appleUcon*denotes a product or product-group suggested as part of the 5-step protocol

The products and statements listed above have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Descriptions are provided for informational use only and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

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