Kidney Support

The kidneys are the power & strength of the body. They provide critical support for any detoxification or immune-specific program. If the kidneys become weak, the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins. Then, nothing else works properly.

Kidney Support Supplements in Priority Order:

  • RenaVen (formerly Kidney Complex)
  • Cardio-ND
  • DHA
  • Adaptogen-R-3
  • HCL Detox Kit
Endocrine system rejuvenation - optimal neruotransmitter production, memory, brain, kidney, adrenal & weight support
Price: $24.95
Promotes healthy heart, blood pressure, clean arteries & circulation
Price: $39.95
Feed your Brain! Promotes superior brain processing, mental acuity and memory, protects brain when eating out
Price: $29.95
EPA/DHA Marine
Fish oil concentrate for brain, kidneys, heart, vision & joint health.
Price: $29.95
HCL Detox Kit
2 Bottles of Premier HCL & 1 Bottle of HCL Activator - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $47.85
Superb support for kidney function, blood purification and lymphatic drainage
Price: $28.95

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