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Heart, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Circulation Support

Heart disease has been the #1 killer of Americans in the past few decades. One of every two Americans has died of heart disease. We contend this is totally unnecessary and easy to overcome. Please read if you or anyone close to you has high blood pressure, cholesterol or heart problems.

There are a number of underlying causes of heart problems. The main one is a nano-bacteria, often missed by lab tests. This creates plaque which will affect blood pressure, cholesterol, blocked arteries and circulation. Nano-bacteria can also affect the kidneys and pancreas, so is a big player in diabetes.

The exposure to nano-bacteria comes from eating cooked food without adequate stomach acid. The bacteria is liberated or released from the fiber of food by cooking. So taking proper amounts of HCL (hydrocloric acid) for stomach digestion is crucial protection.

We also advise to reduce or avoid eating animal products because they directly cause heart disease, as well as congestion of the liver and gallbladder. Read The China Study, the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever done, which showed a 99% correlation with the consumption of animal food and heart disease, cancer and most western diseases.

To address the underlying causes of heart challenges, we would start with the following products:

  • Cardio-ND - helps the body to eradicate the nano-bacteria. It takes 4-5 months at 4 tsp/day.
  • HCL Detox Kit - use after every meal to protect against exposure to nano-bacteria.
  • Deltanol - anti inflammatory, promotes superior cardiovascular and circulatory health.
  • Phyto Quinol-ND or CoQ10 - best nutrient for strengthening the heart, with many other benefits.
  • RenaVen - always important to support the kidneys to handle the detox process.
  • pH Trio - To fight any infection, an alkaline pH is crucial. Infection thrives in an acid environment. Plus a .1 increase in pH is a 10-fold increase in tissue oxygen. If your kidneys are weak then use the Greens Mix and D3 Serum instead.

Cholesterol is often a gallbladder and liver problem. The best way to address these areas is with our Liver/Gallbladder Products and Cleansing Program. This program also includes our Premier Coffee Enemas, which is one of the best ways to support liver and gallbladder cleansing.

Other helpful products:

  • CircuZyme
  • VenaMend (formerly Invisi-Vein)
  • Max B-ND
  • Gallbladder-ND
  • Allicidin
  • B.P. Complex
  • Heart Complex
  • Immunoven

Diet: We suggest cutting way back or better yet stop eating all meat and dairy. Animal products clog your system and are highly acid forming. We used to help people turn around heart challenges in a year by just changing their diet. Combining the protocol above is quicker and much more effective. Also avoid MSG (or "natural flavors"), alcohol and preservatives as these all contribute to inflammation.

Avoid using any calcium channel blocking drugs as these are dangerous and increase your risk of heart attack. See this article for more details.

There may also be old injuries (scars, traumas, surgeries, broken bones) that have created "interference fields" and are reflexing to and weakening the heart. We address this with a series of mud packs. See our mud pack procedure here, then call for specific help.

It's a shame that heart disease has been our #1 cause of death because it's one of the easiest diseases to turn around. But it has taken 1 out of every 2 American lives. Don't risk being that statistic. Do something to get started on a better path today. Feel free to call us for help.

Most people with heart problems turn to prescription drugs, but beware! The American Medical Association's own 1999 study listed the use of properly prescribed medical drugs as the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States (most likely due to their hazardous, life shortening side effects).

Conventional medical treatment primarily uses two approaches to heart disease. The first approach, angioplasty, is the insertion of a catheter which places a plastic balloon into the heart's arteries with the intention of opening it. However, this is a high risk procedure which may induce a heart attack, make the blockage worse or even cause death (New England Journal of Medicine, 1992). Many blockages return to their original severity within a year.

The second approach is coronary artery bypass graft surgery or CABG (nicknamed "cabbage"). It is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States and costs up to $50,000 per procedure. CABG surgeries generate over $18 billion a year. A common side effect of the CABG is cerebral dysfunction causing memory loss and mental decline. Another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that CABG "appears neither to prolong life nor to prevent myocardial infarction (heart attack)."  Recent research has concluded that up to 80% of heart disease is linked to infections. Consequently, drug companies are now pushing antibiotics. However, research also shows that regular use of antibiotics can shorten your life (same 1999 AMA research study).  Our approach works to correct the root cause of heart disease by rebuilding the body's nutrient bank and safely clearing the infection(s).


Supports body to address bacterial overgrowth/candida in intestines, lungs, bladder, skin
Price: $25.95
B.P. Complex
Supports healthy heart, arteries & blood pressure already within the normal range
Price: $19.95
Promotes healthy heart, blood pressure, clean arteries & circulation
Price: $39.95
Promotes healthy heart, blood pressure, arteries & circulation
Price: $29.95
Supports blood circulation, heart, arterial function, male sexual performance
Price: $39.95
Energy, Cardiovascular, Nerve, Brain and Immune Support - Live-Source, Fermented
Price: $19.95
D3 Serum
Live source natural vitamin D3 - for healthy bones, brain, nerves, heart, lungs, breasts, digestive/sexual organs & more
Price: $10.95
Cardiovascular/circulatory supplement, inflammation & headache remedy - delta tocotrienols
Price: $49.95
Gallbladder cleansing & detox - use with Gallbladder Flush
Price: $29.95
Greens Caps
Complete Super Food Blend - live-source Vitamins & Minerals for high energy, brain & full body rejuvenation
Price: $21.95
Greens Powder
Complete Super Food Blend - live-source Vitamins & Minerals for high energy, brain & full body rejuvenation
Price: $34.95
HCL Detox Kit
2 Bottles of Premier HCL & 1 Bottle of HCL Activator - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $47.85
Max B-ND - 2 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - stress, brain support & high energy
Price: $21.95
Max B-ND - 8 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - maximum liver, stress, brain, high energy & mood support
Price: $79.95
pH Trio - Premier Kit
*Highest Recommendation*
1 Coral Legend (8 oz), 2 AloePro, 1 D3 Serum
Price: $114.80
Out of Stock
Phyto Quinol-ND - 8 oz
World's only source of fully-reduced CoQ-10 - immediately available for cell energy boosting
Price: $34.95
Out of Stock
Superb support for kidney function, blood purification and lymphatic drainage
Price: $28.95
Improves varicose veins, vein health & circulation, especially for the legs
Price: $26.95

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