Iridology Certification Correspondence Courses - from Joyful Living Services:  

Beginning Iridology  
Intermediate Iridology  
Advanced Iridology  
Study Iridology at your own pace, in your own home, and on  
your own schedule. Become a "Certified Iridologist."  
Iridology is "The Study Of The Iris Of The Eye To Determine  
Strengths And Weaknesses In The Body" as defined by Dr. Bernard Jensen. By looking into the iris of your eye it is possible to determine where there are inherent strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses include: toxic settlements, tissue irritation and inflammation, mucous, sluggishness or hyperactivity, poor circulation, poor nerve supply, poor digestion and elimination, where stress effects you, and much more.

Iridology 3-Course Package
All 3 Correspondence Courses at a huge discount
Price: $450.00
10x Lighted Magnifying Glass
for analyzing others' eyes
Price: $31.95

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