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EMF Protection

EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) are perhaps our worst health risk today. Our bodies and every cell are electrical/energy systems with a particular cellular reasonance when healthy. EMFs disrupt this reasonance and create havoc. These protectors are the only ones we found (through kinesiology/muscle testing) that actually work!

In priority order...
Protect Yourself: 1) Q-Disk; 2) Vastu Prosperity Coin; 3) QC Coin
Protect Your Home: Fertilite, Dragonite & Volc

The massive increase in both the number of cell phone towers and the strength of the signals emanating from them is creating a nation-wide wi-fi field and a weakening affect on our bodies, as if we are on a 24-hour a day cell phone call. These electromagnetic fields (EMFs) disrupt our cellular matix and create havoc. They also embed (encode) within our food, weakening it energetically as well. These EMFs create a de-polarized, disruptive, draining field in the home.

We feel EMF's will be the plague of the 21st century. We're already seeing a huge spike in the incidence of brain cancer in the last 10 years and we believe it's directly related to cell phones. EMF exposure is also contributing toward all disease, starting with an increase in fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, headaches, memory & concentration problems, weakness and pain.

Our self-protection equipment actually converts the tremendously harmful field into a powerfully beneficial field that actually strengthens you.

The home protection equipment create such a strongly coherent, healing field that neither you nor your food will be disrupted, even in the presence of these wi-fi fields. They also convert the harmful field into a beneficial environment, that both protects and strengthens you and everyone in the home.

They induce a highly structured, unencoded energy field in your home or office. When your home or office biofield is structured energetically, all your food and all your physical items in your home will become automatically unencoded. This creates a superior living environment.


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2 .   Pyraton_Placement_Instructions.pdf

D.C. Protector (hard shell)
Protects against toxic EMFs from battery-operated sources: pagers, personal stereos
Price: $19.95
D.C. Protector (soft shell)
Protects against toxic EMFs from battery-operated watches
Price: $19.95
Dragonite - 2.2 lbs
Ground your home, protect it from EMFs, create healing enviornment & remineralize soil
Price: $13.50
Dragonite - 20 lbs
Ground your home, protect it from EMFs, create healing enviornment & remineralize soil
Price: $69.95
Fertilite Granite
High Resonance Decomposed Granite Aggregate
Price: $44.95
Cell phone protector - not only protects you but actually converts the harmful EMF field into a benefical field!
Price: $89.95
QC Coin
Affordable EMF protection - Genuine Bronze Geometric Coin - Experience Maximum Bioenergetics
Price: $34.95
Quadripole - small
Personal protection from EMFs - strengthens you too!
Price: $67.95
Enhances the power and range of Trilliant Pyramid to create ultimate healing field in your home
Price: $79.95
Vastu Prosperity Coin
Attract prosperity, protect from EMFs, strengthen your biofield and overall health
Price: $189.95
Volcanic rock dust used around exterior to ground building - also excellent for plant growth
Price: $37.95

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