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Colonic Irrigation

Colema Boards are a wonderful, easy and gentle way to give yourself a colonic (internal bath) at home for free! They are more gentle and economical than colonics and easier & more effective than enemas. A wonderful compliment to any colon cleansing program, they also help relieve constipation, headaches, fatigue, gas, irritability, skin problems, cold hand & feet, by washing away waste material and toxins.

Each Colema Board Features:
- tubing assembly & two disposable tips
- Convenient board lenght suits most bathrooms
- Quick and easy clean-up
- Gravity flow principle (syphon)
- No need for plumbing or a spigot at the bottom of a bucket or container, which can cause undue water pressure (5 gallon bucket not included but may be purchased at any hardware store for under $5)
- Safe, thin plastic rectal tip (1/4 inch in diameter) enables full size stool elimination. Bowel evacuation and emptying of bladder are done at will without removal of tip, turning off water, or getting up off the board.

For More Info

Comfort Pad
Colema Board Accessory
Price: $19.00
Disposable Tips
Colema Board Accessories
Price: $6.50
Enema Bucket
For use with coffee or water enemas
Price: $6.95

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