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Detoxification - External

Immune system prevention and recovery support, with Acemannan from Aloe barbadensis grown on volcanic soil
Price: $29.95
Digestive System Support, Coral Absorption & “Feel Good Effect“
Price: $7.99
Castor Oil
Great for castor oil packs - immune, neurological, skin detox
Price: $11.95
Castor Oil Kit
2 bottles Castor Oil & 1 pack Cotton Flannel
Price: $39.85
Coffee - Premier Organic
Organic whole coffee beans - the only ones that test non-toxic
Price: $24.95
Cotton Flannel
Certified organic cotton flannel from Asia - use with Castor Oil Packs
Price: $15.95
Earthwrappe - Mini
Infrared heating pad - relieve inflammation, muscle & joint pain - great for mud packs & castor packs
Price: $119.95
HCL, Premier
Natural source, vinegar-derived betaine hydrochloric acid - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $13.95
Medi-Body Bath
Piezoelectric body baths for rapid whole body detoxification
Price: $21.95
Medi-Body Pack
High grade “mud“ packs - rapid, targeted detox & injuries
Price: $29.95
Medi-Dental Pack
Rapid, deep-seated detox of targeted dental & gum areas
Price: $24.95
Medi-Mineral Serum
Mud Pack fluid to detoxify, remineralize & revitalize
Price: $19.95
Premier Cleansing Foot or Body Soak - Bath Salt Formula with Ocean-Rich Sea Vegetation
Price: $24.95
Sel de Med
Premium Sun-dried Sea Salt from the Mediterranean Sea
Price: $11.95
Zeo Mineral Cream
Promotes fast pain relief & healthy skin - with amazing zeolite minerals
Price: $23.95

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