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Thyroid Support


Your thyroid controls your body's metabolism. It's the "gas petal" of your body. Every cell in your body has a receptor site for thyroid hormones so the thyroid affects every system and function of your body.

Thyroid Support Supplements in Priority Order:

  • Xenostat
  • Green Tea-ND
  • Medi-Chlorella-FX
  • Medi-Clay-FX
  • Thyroven
  • Hyssinol

Hypothyroid Symptoms include fatigue, cold feet or hands, gain weight too easily, depression, constipation, hair loss, morning headaches and dry skin. Hyperthyroid symptoms include night sweats, heart palpitations, insomnia, difficultly gaining weight, increased pulse, nervous, emotional and trembling.

Primary Causes of thyroid problems:

  • Xenoestrogens lodging in the thyroid. Most common source of xenoestrogens is pesticides so eating all organic (especially animal foods which have an exponentially higher concentration of pesticides than even commercial fruits and vegetables) is crucial. Other sources include hormones in meat and dairy, soy, plastics, pesticides on lawns, commercial soaps and detergents, and synthetic nutrients. The Xenostat will detoxify xenoestrogens from the thyroid.
  • Radiation - Exposure includes x-rays and CT scans where the thyroid wasn't properly protected, airplane flights, microwave ovens, airport scanners and medical tests involving swallowing or injecting radioactive dye. The Green Tea-ND helps protect the body from radiation.
  • Whiplash or neck trauma causing interference field sedating thyroid. You can clear this with a properly designed mud pack. Read Cation Pack instructions for necessary products and description. I would pack the back of the neck and thyroid at same time. 90% of the people I've tested with thyroid problems have had neck trauma! If you are not sure, DO the mud pack.
  • Heavy metal burden, usually from silver fillings. The Medi-Clay-FX can help detoxify heavy metals, but the silver filling should be removed. Call to discuss how to do this properly.
  • Occasionally there is a mycoplasma infestation, often originating from vaccinations. We would use Thyroven and Hyssinol to clear that, usually 4 months of 6-12 of each.
For an auto-immune situation, these additional causes become a factor too:
  • Lack of methylation which allows the junk genes to get expressed leading to auto-immune diseases...take HCL and HCL Activator to re-methylate.
  • Lack of digestable B Vitamins...most are synthetic junk from coal tar derivative. Use our Max B-ND.
Immune system prevention and recovery support, with Acemannan from Aloe barbadensis grown on volcanic soil
Price: $29.95
Green Tea-ND - 8 oz
Nanized green tea concentrate - anti-aging/radiation, digestive, connective tissue, energy support
Price: $56.95
HCL Activator
Use with Premier HCL (hydrochloric acid) - stomach & digestive support
Price: $19.95
HCL, Premier
Natural source, vinegar-derived betaine hydrochloric acid - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $13.95
Thorough (but gentle) nerve, lymph, brain, immune support
Price: $19.95
Max B-ND - 2 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - stress, brain support & high energy
Price: $21.95
Max B-ND - 8 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - maximum liver, stress, brain, high energy & mood support
Price: $79.95
Medi Chlorella-FX
Superior intestinal & liver heavy metal detox, whole body rejuvenation
Price: $19.95
Medi-Body Bath
Piezoelectric body baths for rapid whole body detoxification
Price: $21.95
Medi-Body Pack
High grade “mud“ packs - rapid, targeted detox & injuries
Price: $29.95
Detoxes mycotoxins and heavy metals, excellent for intestinal cleansing, rare calcium bentonite
Price: $24.95
Out of Stock
Medi-Mineral Serum
Mud Pack fluid to detoxify, remineralize & revitalize
Price: $19.95
Herbal thyroid formula - ideal support for thyroid metabolism & detox
Price: $19.95
XenoStat (formerly Xeno-Detox)
Natural source iodine complex - thyroid support - detoxes xeno-estrogens
Price: $18.95

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