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Eye and Vision Support


Your vision is a precious treasure. Disturbing research shows that in the last 20 years, the typical American diet falls woefully short in sufficient antioxidant nutrition. To promote superior eye health for everyone, we recommend premier quality, comprehensive eye and vision nutrition.

Common eye products may contain only non-live source lutein (and puny amounts at that) and NO zeaxanthin. In contrast, our superb eye formula, OcuVen, contains elegant, natural-source lutein and natural-source zeaxanthin (from marigold flowers) in tested amounts. As part of a broad-spectrum, premier quality eye support formula, these two superstar nutrients deliver the very best in eye nutrition. Please enjoy the difference that the "Premier Quality Effect" can make.

Key factors that may affect eye health:

  • Poor antioxidant status
  • Inadequate digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Immune stress
  • High stress lifestyle
  • Poor diet

 Eye and Vision Support Supplements in Priority Order:

  • Ocuven
  • Premier DHA
  • Asta Complete-FX
  • DermaVen
  • Premier HCL

Suggestions for specific eye and vision issues:

  • Optic nerve support - NeuroVen, CereVen, Asta Complete-FX
  • Lens & Retina support - OcuVen, Asta Complete-FX, DHA, Taurine
  • Macula Degeneration support - DermaVen
  • Cataracts (calcification of the eye) - 15-20 Premier HCL between breakfast & lunch and between lunch & dinner for 6 weeks. Start once the first morning urine pH is 6.4-7.0 consistently. See our alkaline pH support.
  • Losing shape - DermaVen
  • Near vision - Gallbladder-ND and gallbladder support
  • Far vision - RenaVen and kidney support
Asta Complete-FX
Potent antioxidant formula including natural algae sourced astaxanthin; premier eye, skin & cardiovascular support
Price: $35.95
Supports brain & nerve function, memory, attention, focus & clarity
Price: $27.95
Natural keratin supplement that offers excellent skin, hair and nails support
Price: $24.95
Feed your Brain! Promotes superior brain processing, mental acuity and memory, protects brain when eating out
Price: $29.95
EPA/DHA Marine
Fish oil concentrate for brain, kidneys, heart, vision & joint health.
Price: $29.95
Gallbladder cleansing & detox - use with Gallbladder Flush
Price: $29.95
HCL, Premier
Natural source, vinegar-derived betaine hydrochloric acid - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $13.95
Nerve & brain rejuvenation - concentration, focus, memory
Price: $25.95
Supports clear vision & healthy eyes including macula, retina & lens
Price: $25.95
Superb support for kidney function, blood purification and lymphatic drainage
Price: $28.95

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