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Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Pancreas Support

There are a number of underlying causes of blood sugar and pancreas problems. The main one is a nano-bacteria, usually missed by lab tests. Nano-bacteria can affect the heart, kidneys and pancreas, so is a big player in diabetes. It's also why kidney and blood pressure problems often follow or precede pancreas issues.

We also advise to reduce or avoid eating animal products because they directly cause heart disease, as well as congestion of the liver and gallbladder. Read The China Study, the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever done, which showed a 99% correlation with the consumption of animal food and heart disease, cancer and most western diseases including diabetes.

To address the underlying causes of blood sugar and pancreas problems, start with the following products:

  • Cardio-ND - helps the body to eradicate the nano-bacteria. It takes 4-5 months at 4 tsp/day.
  • PancreaVen - helps strengthen, detoxify and rejuvenate the pancreas. Take 6-12/day.
  • HCL Detox Kit - use after every meal to protect against exposure to nano-bacteria.
  • Medi-Clay-FX - detoxes mold which also can affect the pancreas.
  • RenaVen - always important to support the kidneys to handle the detox process.
  • pH Trio - To fight any infection, an alkaline pH is crucial. Infection thrives in an acid environment. Plus a .1 increase in pH is a 10-fold increase in tissue oxygen. If your kidneys are weak then use the Greens Mix and D3 Serum instead.

There may also be old injuries (scars, traumas, surgeries, broken bones) that have created "interference fields" and are reflexing to and weakening the pancreas. We address this with a series of mud packs. See our Mud Pack Procedure here, then call for specific help. The products for the mud packs are:

  • Medi-Body Pack
  • Medi-Body Bath
  • Medi-Mineral Serum
  • AloeMannan-FX

Castor Oil Packs can also be quite healing over time. Products and instructions here:

  • Castor Oil Kit
  • Oregano Oil
  • Earthwrappe - full specturm infrared is also very healing with or without the castor oil packs

Other helpful products:

  • Max B-ND
  • Gallbladder-ND
  • Adrenaven
  • Deltanol
  • NZ-Red Velvet Deer Antler

Key factors that may affect blood sugar:

  • Low pH (deficient mineral status) - see our Alkaline pH suggestions
  • Inadequate digestion
  • Toxicity and/or immune stress
  • A diet high in refined carbohydrates
  • High cortisol from stressed out adrenal glands

Adrenal glands - if your adrenal glands are stressed out and over producing cortisol, this can break down tissue to make sugar, because the body thinks it's in fight or flight mode. This will also suppress the immune system. If this is your issue, then we also suggest our Adrenal Support protocol.

Diet: Avoid refined foods especially sugar, white flour and processed foods. We suggest cutting way back or better yet stop eating all meat and dairy. Animal products clog your system and are highly acid forming. See the diet in our pH info. Also avoid MSG (or "natural flavors"), alcohol and preservatives as these all contribute to inflammation.

Feel free to call us for help.

Supports adrenal glands, deep sleep, spleen, energy, mood and memory
Price: $19.95
Immune system prevention and recovery support, with Acemannan from Aloe barbadensis grown on volcanic soil
Price: $29.95
Gallbladder support/cleansing formula - use in Mini-Liver Flush
Price: $27.95
Promotes healthy heart, blood pressure, clean arteries & circulation
Price: $39.95
Castor Oil Kit
2 bottles Castor Oil & 1 pack Cotton Flannel
Price: $39.85
D3 Serum
Live source natural vitamin D3 - for healthy bones, brain, nerves, heart, lungs, breasts, digestive/sexual organs & more
Price: $10.95
Cardiovascular/circulatory supplement, inflammation & headache remedy - delta tocotrienols
Price: $49.95
Earthwrappe - Mini
Infrared heating pad - relieve inflammation, muscle & joint pain - great for mud packs & castor packs
Price: $119.95
Gallbladder cleansing & detox - use with Gallbladder Flush
Price: $29.95
Greens Powder
Complete Super Food Blend - live-source Vitamins & Minerals for high energy, brain & full body rejuvenation
Price: $34.95
HCL Detox Kit
2 Bottles of Premier HCL & 1 Bottle of HCL Activator - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $47.85
HCL, Premier
Natural source, vinegar-derived betaine hydrochloric acid - stomach, digestive & anti-bacterial support
Price: $13.95
Max B-ND - 2 oz
Only live-source vitamin B complex in world - stress, brain support & high energy
Price: $21.95
Medi-Body Bath
Piezoelectric body baths for rapid whole body detoxification
Price: $21.95
Medi-Body Pack
High grade “mud“ packs - rapid, targeted detox & injuries
Price: $29.95
Detoxes mycotoxins and heavy metals, excellent for intestinal cleansing, rare calcium bentonite
Price: $24.95
Out of Stock
Medi-Mineral Serum
Mud Pack fluid to detoxify, remineralize & revitalize
Price: $19.95
NZ-Red Velvet Deer Antler
Natural Stem Cell source - supports reproductive organs, bladder, spine, cartilage & connective tissue
Price: $29.95
Oregano Oil
Potent immune boosting compounds - sinus, nose, throat, upper GI support
Price: $23.95
Ideal support for pancreas, spleen & body's ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels & insulin production
Price: $19.95
Para-cleansing formula, especially in chonic cases - liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder
Price: $25.95
pH Trio - Kit D
Get alkaline now - crucial for your bones, tissue, flexibility & health - 2 Coral Legend (2 oz), 1 AloePro (32 fl oz), 1 D3 Serum (.5 fl oz)
Price: $67.80
Out of Stock
Superb support for kidney function, blood purification and lymphatic drainage
Price: $28.95

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