Sinus Issues

Do you have sinus problems or allergies that never seem to improve? Most often this is from a low grade bacterial infestation. This is one of the most stubborn infections in the body and takes work to clear it.

I personally don't believe in antibiotics. They destroy the intestinal flora, weaken our overall immune system, never quite kill all the bacteria and make it about 4 times more likely that you will the same infection, only worse at some point in the future, usually 6 months to 6 years later. But we never trace the cause back to the previous antibiotic, so then we take an even stronger one, continuing the downward spiral. That's why hospitals can be the most dangerous places, because they breed strong, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

What we suggest instead is to take natural herbal formulas with ingredients high in anti-bacterial properties. The bacterial problem usually starts in the intestines and spreads to the sinuses. So we suggest two actions:

1) Do our Candida/Bacterial Program for 4 straight months. You'll notice there the absolute minimum we'd suggest would be the Allicidin and HCL, with a strong suggestion for the Medi-Clay and D3. (Note dosage based on age and weight). But the best approach would be to follow as much of that program as possible. The AloeMannan-FX is also very effective with sinus issues.

2) We've found it almost impossible to get rid of this stubborn infestation without doing two nasal flushes every day during the 4-month protocol. Most people refuse to do this which is why once people get a sinus infection they usually have it for life. But if you are diligent, you can resolve it. The two daily nasal flushes consist of making a mixture of about 95-99% purified or filtered water with a touch of our Pink Salt and Vintage Vinegar. You want enough of the vinegar so you feel its presence but not enough so it burns. Just adjust the mix accordingly until you find that balance.

The you can apply it with either a neti pot or a dropper bottle. If you use a dropper, lie back, put a couple of droppers in one nostril, then lean to that side for a minute to let the mixture drain into the sinuses on that side. Then do each side a couple of times, blowing your nose after each time. It takes 5-10 minutes total.

The vinegar/salt mixture has anti-bacterial properties. This will fight the bacteria topically while the Allicidin and HCL is working internally. You must be consistent with this for 4 months, taking the full dose every day and doing the 2 flushes.

Note, if you've had surgery on the nose or face, you may need to do our mud pack procedures as well so those old traumas don't continue to weaken the sinuses. Also, dental infections from old silver fillings or root canals can sometimes contribute to the problem. Call us to discuss if either of these might be an issue.

Sometimes, sinus issues are simply from a true allergy to pollens. You would know this because it would only affect you during pollen season and then go away completely the rest of the year. If this is your issue, then we suggest the Allercaps, in a high enough dose to give you relief.

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