Vitamineral™ Green - 150 gram
Vitamineral™ Green - 150 gram

The Most Nutrient Dense 100% Organic Vegan Superfood Packaging:
150 g - 5 oz. powder in oxygen resistant amber glass jar
Product Code: VMG150
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Manufacturer: HealthForce Nutritionals

Vitamineral Green Version 4.8 - from HealthForce Nutritionals


Nutritionally supports Blood Sugar, Detoxification, The Immune System, Liver, Kidneys, Blood, Bones, Colon, Regularity, Circulation, and Longevity.

Vitamineral™ Green is probably the most important HealthForce product. Why? Because it is the most comprehensive, full spectrum, nutrient dense nutritional product available and its beneficial effects are so far-reaching. It supports healthy bones, cleanses and nourishes the blood, colon, liver and kidneys. It supports healthy bowel movements too! It contains a full spectrum of absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, as well as fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, and tens of thousands of synergistically bound and highly beneficial phyto-chemicals (beneficial substances naturally occurring in plants).

Vitamineral™ Green more than replaces dozens of supplements, including traditional isolated/synthetic multivitamin/mineral supplements, colloidal mineral & calcium products. It is a unique and extremely potent combination of nature's most deeply nourishing, cleansing, and rebuilding superfoods. Its ingredients are specifically grown, processed, combined and enhanced by HealthForce¹s exclusive multi-faceted, lifeforce energy enhancement and balancing process to maximize the beneficial effects.

Pleasant-to-neutral-tasting powder. Most nutrient dense superfood available! Oxygen resistant amber glass jar. 100% truly functional ingredients. No fillers. Nutritional support for cleansing, detoxification, regularity, and degenerative diseases.

Vitamineral™ Green is Actual Food. Add Vitamineral Earth™ (Sacred Healing sustenance) for even greater benefits.

Contents / Ingredients:
From the Land™
• Nettle Leaf°∞ • Carob Pod°∞ • Juices (Alfalfa Grass◊∞, Barley Grass∞◊∞, Oat Grass◊∞, Dandelion Leaf◊∞) • Horsetail/Shavegrass◊∞ • Ginger Root◊∞ • Barley Grass◊∞ • Parsley Leaf◊∞ • Wheat Grass◊∞ • American Basil◊∞ • Chickweed°∞ • Holy Basil/Tulsi◊∞ • Moringa Leaf◊∞ • Yacon Leaf°∞ • Amla Berry∞ • Shilajit °∞

From the Waters™
• Spirulina∞ • Chlorella∞

From the Oceans™
• Kelp◊∞ • Dulse◊∞ • Bladderwrack°◊∞ • Alaria°◊∞ • Laver (Wild Atlantic Nori)°∞

 VMG™ Enzyme Concentrate
• Protease∞ • Alpha-Galactosidase∞  • Amylase∞ • Cellulase∞  • Lipase∞ • Bromelain∞ • Papain∞

Acid stable, truly Vegan, and incredibly magnified/fed by the VMG™ formula.

• Lactobacillus plantarum∞ • L. paracasei∞ • L. rhamnosus∞ • L. salivarius∞ •  Streptococcus thermophilus∞ • L. bulgaricus∞

◊ Organic °Wildcrafted ∞TruGanic™

100% TruGanically™ Grown. TruGanic™ is HealthForce’s own purist, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production. Ingredients must pass actual tests (that no other standard requires) to verify non-GMO status and ensure they are 100% free of pesticides and irradiation.

EcoFresh Nutrient Lock™. Our dark glass with unique metal lid and oxygen absorber protects 100% of nutrients (creates a vacuum). Glass is recycled/recyclable, does not outgas, and is non-toxic to melt down. Plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst and not recyclable) allow dramatic degradation of nutrient levels. Plastic outgasses and is highly toxic to melt down.

Note:  All plastic containers (more so in soft plastic) release gases during the aging and degradation of a material. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from plastic negatively affect our health.

Energenesis™ Energetic Enhancements: • Magnetic • Vibrational+
Recommended Use:
Start with one teaspoon per day and increase gradually over two weeks to suggested usage of 1 to preferably 2 (or more) heaping tablespoons per day, either all at once or divided.

Do not take so much that you find it unpalatable, as you will end up taking and benefiting less! Mix into purified water. Drink consciously and with positive intent. Can also mix with fresh vegetable juices, fresh fruit juices (alone or blended with whole fruits and/or a banana into a smoothie). Add 1-2 tbsp. of freshly ground flax and/or chia seeds for extra nutrition. Can also be sprinkled on or mixed with foods.

Vitamineral™ Green contains an extremely potent and comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, specifically grown and processed to maximize their benefits. If you experience temporary beneficial cleansing reactions that you find undesirable (such as loose bowels), reduce amount used to 1 teaspoon or less, and then increase over several days or weeks to 2 (or more) heaping tablespoons. Refrigeration is not required.

Intensive Usage: 6 or more heaping tablespoons per day. Vitamineral™ Green is food. It is not a supplement. It is a bio-compatible nutritional superfood. It is non-toxic and can be taken in any quantity.

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