Enhances the power and range of Trilliant Pyramid to create ultimate healing field in your home
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TriTenna - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)


Create the ultimate beneficial energetics in your home or office.

Harness the Power of Entrained Bio Energetics

The TriTenna is an upgrade to your Trilliant Pyramid 8-Set. The TriTenna enhances the power and range of your Trilliant Pyramid 8-Set. The Tritenna is a unique, dense metal cylindrical rod (3" length x 1" diameter) made out of three solid, alternating metal segments. Copper, steel, copper segments welded together with brass welding.

The massive increase in the number of cell phone towers and the strength of the signals emanating from them is creating a nationwide wi-fi field and a weakening affect on our bodies as if we are on a 24-hour a day cell phone call. These electromagnetic fields (EMFs) disrupt our cellular matix and create havoc. They also embed (encode) within our food, weakening it energetically. These EMFs create a de-polarized, disruptive, draining field in the home. The Trilliant Pyramid and TriTenna can create such a strongly coherent, healing field that neither you nor your food will be disrupted, even in the presence of these wi-fi fields. They convert the harmful field into a beneficial environment, that both protects and strengthens you.

The TriTenna acts to induce a highly structured, unencoded energy field in your home or office. When your home or office biofield is structured energetically, all your food and all your physical items in your home will become automatically unencoded. This creates a superior living environment.


    To achieve superior bio-energetics for you home/office first ground your building. For directions on grounding your building Click Here.

    Place the Trilliant Pyramid 8-set on a natural surface about 3 feet high in your home or office. For more information on setting the Trilliant 8-set see: Setting the Trilliant make sure that one side of the 8-Set is oriented toward the north.

    After the Trilliant 8-Set is stacked place the Tritenna upright on the north side of the trilliant stack, touching the base of the North side of the pyramid, and centered between the East and West sides. Make sure that the combo is set at least 3 feet away from any wall and at least 1 foot from any appliance.

    DO NOT place under a low hanging light.

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