Super Nutrient Trio - Kit B
Super Nutrient Trio - Kit B

*Highest Recommendation* Contains every nutrient necessary for life from once-living sources which contain a “body of light“ Packaging:
1 bottle each: Greens Mix (8 oz. powder), Coral Calcium Complex (90 Vcaps), EFA Oil Blend (8 fl. oz.)
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Super Nutrient Trio - Kit B - from Premier Research Labs


The Super Nutrient Trio (formerly Super Food Trio) is a comprehensive, quantum-state multiple vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid nutrient system containing daily products for optimal health for every adult and child.

Each kit contains:

Greens Powder - 8 oz. powder (contains every nutrient essential for life, natural-source vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and antioxidants).

Coral Legend Plus - 90 Vcaps (for alkaline pH)

EFAs - Liquid - 8 fl. oz. (essentail fatty acids)

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