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QC Coin

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Affordable EMF protection - Genuine Bronze Geometric Coin - Experience Maximum Bioenergetics
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QC Coin - from Premier Research Labs


This genuine bronze coin is designed to enhance your biofield for superior bioenergetics as well as to reinforce a beneficial prosperity consciousness.

The QC coin is recommended to be worn daily in a pocket or you may thread a chain through its central square to wear it as a pendant (avoid copper or steel chains). If you have previously purchased a Prosperity Coin, you may wear the QC Coin in your pocket with it at the same time.

This beautiful coin delivers full quantum coherence in four ways:

  1. the use of genuine bronze metal
  2. the use of an ideal geometric ratio between the exterior circular coin form and the internal square cut of the coin
  3. the use of a quantum coherence design on the coin surfaces and
  4. the use of motivational, inscribed words and phrases to inspire positive thoughts and action

The QC Coin is not as powerful as the Vastu Prosperity Coin, but it still delivers protection at an affordable price. Now you and everyone in your family can be protected from, and even thrive in the face of one of our biggest health risks today.

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