Pandemic Support Program - with pH Trio
Pandemic Support Program - with pH Trio

Pandemic Support Program - with pH Trio Premier Kit - 30 day supply of supplements listed above
Product Code: PANDPH
Price: $1010.20
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Provides a 1 month supply of Prevention Supplements, including 2 week supply of extra items needed for pandemic support (approximately - at the lowest dose listed on the program description - order more individually as necessary) and includes the following products:

4 Premier HCL
2 HCL Activator
1 Pink Salt
2 Colostrum
2 D3 Serum
1 Super Nutrient Trio:

  • 1 Premier Greens - powder
  • 1 Premier EFAs - liquid
  • pH Trio Premier Kit instead of Coral Legend Plus:
    1 Coral Legend – 8 oz.
    2 AloePro
    (Plus the D3 Serum above)

5 Nucleo Immune
3 Coriolus Immune
3 Oregano Oil
3 Limonene
3 Immune Complex
3 Aloe Arborescens
1 Immuno-ND - 8 oz.
1 Vintage Vinegar

Note: Remember to order the Stomach Complex separately if you have a sensitive stomach and start with that for 4 days.

We suggest you add our pH Papers to your order, if you don't already have them, so you can check your pH every day or two.

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