Intestinal Drawing Formula - 260 Vcaps
Intestinal Drawing Formula - 260 Vcaps

Supports colon cleansing - soothes and rebuilds bowel walls & intestinal lining Packaging:
260 VeganCaps in oxygen resistant amber glass jar
Product Code: IDFC260
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Manufacturer: HealthForce SuperFoods

Intestinal Drawing Formula from HealthForce Nutritionals


The Intestinal Drawing Formula nutritionally supports nourishing, soothing lubrication, plus the cleansing and elimination of toxins from the entire intestinal tract.

This superior formulation has been designed to draw in and absorb poisons from the bowel (hormones such as estrogen, cholesterol, bile containing the liver's metabolic wastes, etc.), allowing you to eliminate them and not re-absorb these poisons (an extremely common, everyday occurance for most) - essential to take during a fast to avoid auto intoxication.

Slippery Elm and Fenugreek seeds provide bulk forming fiber without psyllium. Psyllium can often bloat, contribute to constipation and not agree with some. In addition to bulking, these herbs can help to heal the bowel wall so it is less permeable to poisons entering the blood stream as well as draw excess mucous from the whole body. Bentonite and Charcoal are extremely absorptive and draw in tremendous amounts of toxic material, while oregano disinfects.

This product draws in poisons significantly better than other formulas, is not constipating as long as sufficient water is consumed with it, and also provides herbal nutrients to many other areas of the body (especially the kidneys). It does NOT require additional strong laxatives; it simultaneously cleanses and nourishes.

Use the Intestinal Drawing Formula with the Intestinal Movement Formula (at different times of day) for faster transit time and even better results (optional).

The colon is one of our main detoxification routes. A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that can seriously and adversely affect the health of the entire body. Regular bowel movements and a clean colon are the foundation to better health. Even an apparently non-sluggish bowel that is full of anything other than mostly whole plant foods (vegan) with their fiber intact can be a significant source of poor health (fresh, raw, organic juices or purified structured water are obvious exceptions and highly encouraged).

This product can be used alone, however the best results are achieved using it as part of the HealthForce Healing Cleanse™.

Contents / Ingredients:
Serving Size: 6.25 grams (1 level tablespoon) or 10 VeganCaps™
Proprietary Blend †
• Flax Seed∞ • Slippery Elm Bark◊∞ • Marshmallow Root◊∞ • Nopal Cactus∞ • Carob Podº∞ • Kelp◊∞ • Plantain Leafº • Activated Charcoal∞

† Daily Value not established ◊Organic °Wildcrafted ∞TruGanic™
Recommended Use:

12 VeganCaps™, 1-3 (or more) times per day. Follow by consuming another 8-16 ounces of liquid (water or juice). You may add the two liquid serving into one glass (serving) rather than two glasses (servings). A lot of fluid is important due to the intense drawing nature of this formula. 

If more powerful bowel moving action is required, use with the HealthForce Intestinal Movement Formula™ (not required). Can also be taken after a meal for indigestion. Intensive Usage: 24-48 VeganCaps™ per serving.

NOTE: This product will absorb anything taken with it. Do not take at the same time as other supplements, medications or food. Can be used following a meal for relief of indigestion. Otherwise, wait approximately 45 minutes to an hour after meals or other nutritional products.

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