Fertilite Granite
Fertilite Granite

High Resonance Decomposed Granite Aggregate Unit Weight:
16-20 lb/bag
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Fertilite Granite - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)


Our primary reason to use the Fertilite Granite is for EMF protection and to create a strong, coherent, healing field in the home. See the Vastu Procedures under More Information on our EMF Protection page for instructions. There are also huge benefits for your plants and garden described below.

High Resonance Decomposed Granite Aggregate

Mix into soil to promote a crumbly soil texture for better drainage to help plants thrive.

Fertilite is a gardener's dream.
Plants LOVE soil where Fertilite natural granite aggregate has been mixed in!

Fertilite™ Granite delivers its best effects when mixed in healthy fertile soil. Fertilite™ Granite is not a fertilizer, rather it assists soil health by acting to promote better soil drainage and thus, lessen soil compaction.

When you mix natural granite aggregate such as Fertilite™ into the soil areas around your home, it helps support soil health due to its bioenergetic properties. Once you apply Fertilite™ to your garden or lawn areas, please enjoy walking barefoot often to take advantage of the earth’s natural bioenergetic properties.

Plants LOVE Fertilite Granite!
The missing element in your garden!

• Excellent for use in garden soil or potted plants
• Helps create a “crumbly” soil texture for better drainage to help plants thrive
• An excellent natural additive to potting soil for any type of potted plant, including
• Excellent when mixed in garden soil; its properties will continue working for
you for years to come!
• Use as a natural rock pathway through your yard or garden or as a natural
surface patio (features an attractive natural look and drains well)
• Helps enhance the inherent properties of your soil

Recommended Use:

For potted plant use - Mix Fertilite as about 10% of the total content into your potting soil mix.

For garden soil use - Mix Fertilite as about 25% of the total content into the top 6 inches of garden soil. Using smaller amounts can be beneficial as well.

For lawn areas - To improve your lawn area, lightly sprinkle a fine layer of Fertilite minerals to cover your entire lawn area. Only one application is needed.

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