Dancing on Water: Adventures with Dolphins, Whales & Interspecies Communication
Dancing on Water: Adventures with Dolphins, Whales & Interspecies Communication

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"This book touches my heart and I can't recommend it more highly because it deals with a love for all animals, especially the love and wisdom we've received from our extensive time with the dolphins. It's written by my partner in leading trips to interact and learn from these magnificant mammals, Karin Kinsey, a delightful, heart-opening story teller." - Jon Cotton (Total Health Secrets CEO)

Lyrically written and with an attention to detail, DANCING ON WATER is a heart-felt rendering of unexpected synchronisities and encounters with our cetacean friends. It begins with a reassessment of life after a near death experience and a powerful "visitation" in meditation which evolves into real-life connections with the dolphins and whales, both in and out of the water. With sensitivity and humor, Karin explores the mysterious worlds of animal communication, telepathy and our own human vulnerabilities. From her experiences she is able to offer the reader genuine insight and practical steps towards having their own spiritual communications with animals. This is a timely and hope-filled book inviting us to listen to the wisdom of some our planet's more delightful creatures and to attend to our role as stewards for a planet in dire need of our care and assistance.

Karin Kinsey is a freelance travel writer and graphic designer living in San Rafael, California, where she runs her own business and is the art director for an adventure travel magazine. She co-leads dolphin encounter trips with Jon Cotton and has explored such places as Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and British Columbia in search of profound interactions with marine mammal life.

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