CircuForce Brain Power - 90 VCaps (formerly Ginkgo Biloba III+)
CircuForce Brain Power - 90 VCaps (formerly Ginkgo Biloba III+)

Antioxidant that supports Circulation, Oxygenation, Brain Function and more! Packaging:
90 VeganCaps
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Manufacturer: HealthForce SuperFoods

CircuForce™ Brain Power - from HealthForce Nutritionals


CircuForce Brain Power highlights Ginkgo Biloba, a powerful antioxidant that nutritionally supports Oxygenation, Circulation, Brain Function, and so much more!

Includes 250 mg standardized Ginkgo Biloba Extract (24%) 125 mg Siberian Eleuthero 125 mg Gotu Kola Extract are added for 500 mg total) each VeganCap. Get the maximum value nutritionally and financially with HealthForce CircuForce Brain Power!

Enhance the effectiveness of all nutritional supplements (including Ginkgo Biloba) by taking them with one or more of the following: Digestion Enhancement Enzymes, and Oxygen Supreme™.

Caution: Due to Ginkgo's natural effect of increasing blood circulation, let your doctor know if you are taking any pharmaceutical blood thinning medications, including aspirin, as your dosage may need to be monitored and/or altered.

Contents / Ingredients:

Total Herbal Extracts per Serving - 500 mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Standardized to contain at least 24% Ginkgo Flavonglycocides & 6% Terpene Lactones) - 250 mg, Siberian Eleuthero Extract (.8% Eleutherosides) - 125 mg, Gotu Kola Extract (10% Triterpenes) - 125 mg.

Recommended Use:

One VeganCap™ per day contains 400% more Ginkgo extract than most other products. However, for greater nutritional benefits (demonstrated in studies), consume 2 VeganCaps™ per day. Take, ideally, on an empty or light stomach, such as with fresh, raw juice, fruits, or vegetables. It is appropriate, however, to take with other foods or anytime. (Siberian Eleuthero and Gotu Kola are added for their individual benefits.

Intensive Usage: 4 VeganCaps™ per day in 2 divided servings. Apply other aspects of nutrition/health.

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