Quantum Black Obsidian Pyramid - medium
Quantum Black Obsidian Pyramid - medium

Delivers high energy healing frequencies & EMF protection for inside & outside your home Price Unit:
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6" x 6" base, 4" height
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Quantum Black Obsidian Pyramid - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)

Semi-precious geometric forms for space clearance, Vastu support and self-healing. Based on ancient bioenergetic technology.

Once the HemaPro and Q-Tape are in place to create a unified field in your home or office, the pyramid can be used to amplify and strengthen the field.

This highly resonant, high-luster Black Obsidian pyramid is hand-cut in the exact dimensions of the original Great Pyramid of Giza (52° angle) and delivers scalar wave environmental balancing for your home and office, for high-energy field strength.

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