5 Elements "EARTH" Earth Essence Shampoo
5 Elements “EARTH“ Earth Essence Shampoo

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Manufacturer: Morrocco Method

For normal to oily hair. This rich mixture of organic essential oils, French clays, and botanical proteins has an algae-seaweed base that rejuvenates while detoxifying both hair and scalp. It acts as a conditioning tonic for fuller, thicker hair.

Contents / Ingredients:

Pure southwestern white healing clays - rejuvenates & restores; French micronized grey kaolin clay - absorbs impurities;red & brown French clays - antiseptic & stimulating; natural soapbark from Chile, Chinese green tea from Shanghai, cactus from Mexico - rich natural foaming botanicals; aloe vera - healing and moisturizing;Irish moss, red, brown, and white algae extracts - absorbs impurities and protects; apple cider vinegar - natural preservative with live enzymes; 92 trace minerals - natural preservative; essential oils of eucalyptus, frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, safflower, sage, sesame, vetiver.

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