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To further empower you to embrace and embody radiant health and wellness we offer you these opportunities to work with Jon. He can take you by the hand, guide, coach, inspire, educate you, evaluate and get to the source of your health challenges and help develop a plan that addresses the cause, not just the symptoms of your health challenges.

You have the following options:
1) Phone Consultation - Jon can help you with any and all of your health goals and challenges including:

Your Body - perfect health or room for improvement?
(How to lose weight, prevent or reverse illness, overcome constipation, detox and eliminate congestion, strengthen your heart, liver, other organs & glands,immune system and digestive system and more).

Your Diet - does it provide you with high energy & youthfulness or cause fatigue & poor health?
(What to eat, what to avoid, how to transition and how to balance your diet).

Your Vitamin Cabinet - throw away your supplements or take more?
(Is what you are currently taking helping or hurting you? Jon will help you evaluate bottle by bottle, ingredient by ingredient. Get better results, cut costs and increase quality).

Consultations are $75 for a 30-minute session. See below to schedule your session in advance.

2) Office Visit - this is the ultimate option in Jon's ability to help you. Here is his description of his evaluation session, using QRA:

Jon Cotton Health Expert
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What is a QRA session? A QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) session is an advanced form of kinesiology or muscle testing. I test 20 - 30 acupressure points on your body which correspond to every organ and gland, as well as all your old injury sites. We 1st locate the specific weaknesses and possible presence of toxicity and micro-organisms. I then test for which supplements (and what specific quantity) will bring each organ/gland back to full strength & health and which external therapy (such as mud packs) will clear the lasting impact (called interference fields) of old injuries (surgeries, broken bones, scars, etc). This allows me to get laser focused and develop a protocol for exactly what your body is needing and asking for in the moment. It is completely individualized to your body, with the goal being a rapid return to optimal health.

Your dental work, existing supplements and even sub-consciously stored beliefs or traumas can also be tested for their effect on your health."

The session takes 60 - 90 minutes and is $150. Plan to be here for about 2 hours.

The procedure of the testing is simple and the results are powerful and obvious to both of us. I find each point and have you contact it with 2 fingers of your left hand. Then I have you hold the thumb and ring finger of your right hand together while I gently try to pull them apart. If the organ/gland is strong I won't be able to part your grip - it will be strong as an ox. If the point is weak, your fingers will part easily no matter how hard you hold - it will be weak as a kitten.

To book your session, please , or call our offices directly at 510-653-5050

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